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Having Sources of Strength

I am thankful for the blessings Concordia receives through partnerships we have with congregations, individuals and organizations that provide spiritual and counseling support to our community.

“But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him?” 1 John 3:17

Happy Thanksgiving!

During the past three weeks Concordia has been blessed by the engagement of care and support brought to our school community by Remedy Live and Sources of Strength. In our Christian faith we are called to serve one another in sharing the gifts and blessings which God provides. 

On Nov. 8, Concordia’s student body participated in a Thankfulness Challenge, in which students wrote three items that they are thankful for on a card. The cards are now posted on the bridge connecting the activities and academic wings in our school. I invite you to visit Concordia to see our responses and reflect on the terrific and thoughtful blessings our community identifies. 

I know your heart will be warmed and encouraged by our students! For those of you unable to visit Concordia in the coming days, many of the items our students posted that they are thankful for included: God, Faith, Family, Friends, Concordia, Education, Forgiveness, Pets, Music, Sports, Smiles, and more.

Sources of Strength is a program that utilizes positive peer relationships to strengthen individuals, promote healthy behaviors with the goal to prevent teenage suicide, bullying, and substance abuse. Research indicates that these 8 factors are vital in supporting young individuals to healthy living: Family Support, Spirituality, Positive Friends, Mentors, Mental Health, Healthy Activities, Medical Access, and Generosity.

The Sources of Strength organization is over 20 years old with its roots in working with youth from Native American tribes and rural areas in North Dakota. Thanks to the support and funding by The Lutheran Foundation, Sources of Strength is making a stronghold in the NE Indiana region. In October, Concordia had 34 students and 14 teachers/administrators participate in a training workshop with Sources of Strength facilitators. The goal is to have up to 10 percent of our students engaged as peer leaders in this program in the coming years.

The issues of mental health are significant in northeast Indiana and our school community is blessed by the partnerships we have with Cross Connections Counseling, Remedy Live, and the engagement of fellowship with many of the youth workers and pastors of the congregations our students attend. Thanks be to God!

Cross Connections is a Christian and biblical based counseling service based in Fort Wayne. Concordia is in partnership with Cross Connections for a number of services, including the presence of one of their counselors on our campus two times weekly for social-emotional support. Concordia is thankful and blessed by Mrs. Jill Buhlman, who often brings her therapy dog, Willow, to school. Cross Connections counseling is available to students and families of our school by contacting our Student Services office or one of our school counselors. 

Remedy Live, presented their Get Schooled Tour assembly to Concordia’s high school students and separately to the middle school students who attend one of our schools in The Lutheran Schools Partnership. This assembly is highly interactive as teens use their digital device in answering polling questions. Concordia uses this data to continue shaping our academic and counseling programs to best serve our students and families.

Look Up Indiana is a terrific resource for the support of families and individuals who are seeking information, hope and resources with a variety of mental and behavioral health issues that face today’s youth. Look Up Indiana is inspired and supported by The Lutheran Foundation — thank you! 

May this season of celebration, reflection and thanks be filled with joy and an abundance of grace from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Go Concordia!

Patrick Frerking,

P.S. Weather delays and closings are posted on local ABC, CBS, and NBC television stations, via school email, and text messages.