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In recent conversations with my sons, we have recounted Christmas memories from years past and what has stuck in our memories over the years. Granted, they have had fewer experiences, but it is amazing to me what they do remember and the impact the season has on them!

One memory I recalled was while we were living in Houston, Texas about 8 years ago. In a rare event, there was snow in the forecast, and it actually snowed! I was serving a high school at the time, and we actually stopped classes so the kids could go outside and experience this thing that had happened. They were so excited! I stayed inside and watched as the kids played in the ¼ inch of snow. As they trickled back into the school, their hands were very red, cold, and getting numb. They said to me, “Mr. Thom, how do you guys deal with this snow where you are from? Our hands our freezing!” With a smile I looked and them and said, “We wear gloves!”

As I recount that story, I can’t help but think of that “numb” feeling we can get when we are cold, it’s one of my least favorite feelings, by the way. I think it is important that we keep that in mind this Christmas season. Although it hasn’t been that cold … yet … and when it does we need to be physically prepared for it, we also have to protect against spiritual “numbness.” Perhaps the Christmas story of Christ’s birth is one you’ve heard many times before, or maybe you are just hearing it for the first time. Either way, let’s not be numb to the pure joy of the story! Let it warm your heart to know that Jesus DID come, and HAS saved us! Let it also warm our hands to serve others because of that joy that we keep in our heart!

I pray that you have a very Merry Christmas. I pray that the joy in the celebration of this most special event warms your heart and renews again for you the truth of God’s love, grace, and mercy. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Following His Lead,

Mychal Thom,
Head of School