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SERVing up bowls, chili and a servant heart: Students make bowls, mugs once again to help the community

Winter 2018 Cadets Magazine
By Sydney Webber ’19

In the 2017-18 school year, the Concordia art department had an idea — one that would benefit the school and the local community. 

This idea turned into the SERVing Bowls Project. Through this project, students and faculty come together to make ceramic bowls of all shapes and sizes on the pottery wheel. 

Students and faculty are given an opportunity outside of the classroom to learn more about the arts. They are taught how to wedge, throw, trim, glaze and fire. And this year, Concordia is doing it all over again. 

“SERVing Bowls is a great way to help others while being able to use and showcase my own talents,” said senior Josie Sauer, who happened to sell the very first bowl last year. 

From 5-7 p.m. April 26, 2019, Concordia students and faculty will come together once again for a chili fundraiser. The bowls made throughout the year will be sold for $20, and each person who buys a ticket receives a handmade bowl and two cups of chili. 

Last year, students and staff donated more than 15 crock pots of chili for this special occasion. Again this year, all of the proceeds will be given to the St. Marys Soup Kitchen. 

All together last year, more than 240 bowls were made (each one being sold), and the donation to the soup kitchen was more than $3,900. 

All in all, the goal of the project was to teach students the benefits of giving back. 

“The part I loved most about SERVing bowls is the chance to see and teach kids that don’t normally take art classes” said Trevor Campbell, Concordia art teacher. “Everyone has artistic talent, and this is a great way for them to express that.” 

This year, the plan is to expand the project even further. 

The making of the bowls has already started with the hopes of having even more available at the fundraiser. Also, students and faculty will be making mugs with hot chocolate up for grabs. Students will also be taking a day during the year to go and serve at the soup kitchen. 

“God gives us all so many gifts and talents, and SERVing Bowls is an amazing way for people to come together and use those gifts to serve the community,” said Kylee Heisler, Concordia art teacher. “Whether you are an artist or not, everyone can participate and grow an appreciation for both art and serving people in need.”