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Faculty Feature: Lizzy Hoham

Winter 2018 Cadets Magazine
By Abbey Brennan ’18

Lizzy Hoham, a 2007 Concordia graduate, worked hard in high school, which led her to attend Harvard University. 

Originally, she wasn’t planning on going to an Ivy League school. However, after she took the PSAT, her guidance counselor suggested that she apply to higher level schools. She decided to apply to a few different schools and ended up getting into Harvard.

The most challenging part of her experience was the academics and that she didn’t always know what questions to ask. In addition, she struggled with not always getting A’s and was often homesick. 

“They have counselors that are dedicated to stressed out honors students,” she said. “It’s an organization called the Bureau Study Council where basically they have people who make you tea and help you organize your life.”

After college, she came back to Concordia to teach English. She likes teaching at Concordia because of the students and teachers and the overall atmosphere of the school. 

“It still is very much a family, and I love that I’ve supported this school. I’ve supported this mission, since I was 14 years old,” she said. 

Hoham has been teaching for seven years, four at CLHS.