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Faculty Feature: Tim LaCroix

Winter 2018 Cadets Magazine

By Haley Wade ’18

German teacher Tim LaCroix has been a part of the Concordia family since 1987. 

While he currently teaches German, this isn’t his only experience as a teacher. In previous years he has taught freshmen religion courses and conducted all of the Concordia choirs.

“I did choir here for about 20 years,” LaCroix elaborates, “and I’ve done German here now for about 20 years. … And I’ve always had a hard time choosing between the two.”

In his current role teaching German, he provides consistent practice in writing, speaking, reading and listening to the language. While the class itself is an immersive experience, the German course also allows its students to get involved through an exchange program, GAPP.

Through the German American Partnership Program, the schools trade off every other year, so Concordia hosts on even years and visits Germany on odd years. The host family will schedule events for the visiting student so that they may get a good taste of the culture and have a good time.

“The hosting experience was fun, and it got me out of my shell a little living with someone else’s family,” said Eli Allen, Class of 2018. “The food was fantastic. When they came over, my guy, Philipp, was also very polite and funny.”