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Faculty Feature: Andrew Morris

Winter 2018 Cadets Magazine

By Deedee Ridley ’18

There are many teachers who stand out at Concordia, but as an award would show, Andrew Morris stands among the top. 

Morris never thought that he, the “teacher that makes a lot of bad jokes,” would win the Teacher of the Year award at Concordia in 2017. 

“(When I heard that I won) I was surprised and overwhelmed,” said Morris, who teaches social studies. “I know that there are teachers here who are better than me and deserve this award more than I do.”

With 12 years of education experience, Morris juggles teaching, preparing lesson plans, coaching football, and family time all at once. He said that he always goes over his lesson plans from the past year to make sure they are up to par for upcoming classes. 

“I look to see if it’s still fun and interesting,” Morris said. “I try to look at it from a kid’s perspective so that they can learn something with more impact.”

Planning for AP U.S. History is always stressful, but Morris seems to overcome it every time. 

“There’s a lot of assignments I have to prepare for the month before, but as long as my students are served in a Christ-like manner I’m satisfied,” he said.