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What is funny?

What is funny? Ask 5 different people and you’re likely to get 5 different answers.

Humor is very subjective, which is also why there are so many different types and styles of humor to choose from. Some people love physical comedy while others despise anything that could be considered slapstick.

Dry, intellectual humor is right up they alley of some viewers, while others have an aversion to it. Regardless of the type of humor that you call “funny,” it is therapeutic to sit down, take a minute to relax (especially during this darker and often colder winter months), escape from reality for a moment, and let out a chuckle.

Concordia’s Comedy Festival on March 15 is a great way to experience a variety of comedy types. Students from Fort Wayne and surrounding area schools are putting together short videos illustrating my previous point, that there truly are a plethora of styles or genres of comedy. (And today is the deadline to submit so don't forget!)

So come check it out. Sit down, enjoy some funny videos, and laugh. It’s good for you!

Aaron Spencer,
Media Arts Teacher