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Thank you for your support of our students

At Concordia, 98% of our students receive financial aid, including through our association churches. The funding for this aid comes from many sources including the Choice Scholarship, the SGO scholarship, Concordia Educational Foundation’s endowed scholarships and direct gifts to financial aid. This financial support makes the difference in whether families choose Concordia or not.

One of the students who has benefited from financial aid is Jada Burton. She is a freshman and came to Concordia from Emmaus Lutheran School. Her grandparents, who take care of her, were concerned about whether Concordia would be a good match for Jada because of her life circumstances.

Hear what Jada said about her experiences so far at CLHS as a Cadet:

“Concordia has been very rewarding for me. I enjoy the Christian foundation, which gives all of us strength we will never let go of. I have met so many new friends, more than I ever thought I would have. I have to work hard because not all subjects come easy for me. The teachers build us up and make us see it’s possible even when we don’t think we will succeed. Of all my courses and other choices, JROTC has to be my favorite. I was not sure at first, but I know now I will take JROTC every year! Concordia has been the best part of my life so far.                                   

Jada Burton, Class of 2022

So far this year, the Cadet Fund has provided $343,368 in SGO scholarships and $206,589 for the Family of Funds, which includes the Area of Greatest Need and Tuition Assistance among the eight funds. Many of you have helped to make this possible. Our overall goal is $600,000, and we are at $549,957. Will you help us reach that goal for this year?

Thank you for helping Jada to be a Cadet and have such a rewarding experience. You know there are many students with similar stories. You are making a difference!

If you have any questions, please contact me at (260) 483-1102, ext. 217 or

Greg Rehberg,
Director of Alumni and Annual Giving