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Finding Your Place

How Can JROTC Help You Find Your Place at CLHS?

The JROTC program also has many secondary benefits for students who need to find their place at Concordia.

The Cadet Battalion provides the base for values, discipline, structure, integrity, self-esteem, and teamwork that these students so desperately require. It instills a spirit of belonging and a support they can depend on that is so often lacking in their lives. This team membership will return their pride and teach them to believe in themselves. JROTC classes experience fewer discipline problems, and can provide the direction and skills they need to graduate and become productive citizens.

For those few students who do aspire to join the military for its excellent educational opportunities, participation in the JROTC program will provide them with the benefit of joining any branch at a higher rank with additional pay. The program has traditionally been instrumental in assisting those who choose to do so with an appointment to the various military academies. The Cadet Battalion currently has alumni attending West Point, the Navel Academy and an accredited college on a marksmanship scholarship.

Another secondary benefit of the program is the free technology support and equipment provided by the military, as well as total government coverage of all uniforms, supplies and equipment.