Annual Report for 2020-21 » Designated Gift Donors

Designated Gift Donors

Tom and Jennifer (Hille) Ackmann

Mark and Jennifer Adair

David and Linda Allen

Joseph and Janet Altmeyer

Phil and Suzanne Amt

James and Irene Ator

Tom and Paula Baack

Kevin Bain

Tom and Kay Baker

Deborah Beckman

Beckman Lawson, LLP

Beers Mallers Back & Salin LLP

Donald and Carolyn Beitz

Jack and Wendy Bentz

Denise Bergelin

Bill and Nancy (Bulmahn) Berning

Eric and Karen Bieberich

Bieberich Foundation, Inc.

Kenneth and Jenifer Blair

Sally Bohnke

John Boldt

Ed Borchelt

Stephen and Alyssa Bornheimer

Andrew Bower

Jim and Beth (Kanning) Brackmann

Jerry and Lois Branstrator

David and Evelyn Braun

Tim and Diane (Hans) Breininger

Steven and Pamela Bryan

Barbara Bulmahn

Laura Burger

Bill and Nancy Bussing

Kenneth and Marilyn Carlson

Cattywampus Records, LLC d/b/a One Lucky Guitar

Chiropractic Associates

Lee and Jackie (Dent) Clark

Greg and Erin (Taube) Clark

CLHS Golf Outing Attendees and Sponsors

CMS Roofing, Inc.

Concordia Educational Foundation

Concordia Theological Seminary

Concordia University Ann Arbor

James and Patricia Connelly

Chad and Laura Critchley

Culver's Fort Wayne - Stellhorn

Michael and Annette Deaton

Bob and Sue (Kassing) Dettmer

Mike and Victoria Devine

Dale and Bonnie (Kruse) Doerffler

Dean and Barb (Meyer) Doerffler

Dreyer Brothers LLC

Jamie and Kimbra Druley

Tom and Kathy (Walle) Eggold

Bruce and Jenny Etzler

Diana Evans

Falk & Sons, Inc.

Gene and Carolyn Falkenstern

FCI Construction

Steve and Faith Felton

Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp

Mark and Alison Franke

Patrick and Susan Frerking

Mark and Angie (Moehle) Friedrich

Gene and Sandy (Wolf) Friedrich

Greg and Kathy Friend

Beth (Breininger) Gerholt

Jared and Laura Gerig

Leon and Dianne (Shrubsall) Giannakeff

Larry and Carol (Dettmer) Goeglein

Jeff and Jessica Gotsch

Timothy and Michelle (James) Graham

Rich Greener

Roger and Heidi (Mueller) Griebel

Eugene and Marjorie (Tennison) Gugel

Bill and Diana (Goeglein) Habegger

Hand in Hand Comprehensive Therapy Specialists, Inc.

Jeremy and Sarah Hanson

Hawk, Haynie, Kammeyer & Smith, LLP

Dan and Pat Heath

Jack and Dianne Hein

John and Susan Hein

Mark and Dorothea (Werling) Herb

Mark and Debbie Hesterman

Susann Hiatt

Lana Hille

Phyllis Hockemeyer

Kenneth and Jan Hoffman

Renee Holley

Hoosier Trailer & Truck Equipment, Inc.

Larry and Stephanie Hoyle

JK O'Donnell's

Dan and Barb (Seddelmeyer) Johnson

Jason and Carrie Johnson

Kurt and Shirley Jordan

Joyful Musicians

Bill and Sharon Kammeyer

Cindy Kennedy

Dick Kierstead

Randy and Heather Kindig

Katrina Kline

Donald and Dianne Kneller

Mervin and Suzette (Hormann) Koehlinger

Raeann Kusch

Craig and Shelly Ladwig

Donna Lagemann

Byron and Shelby Lamm

Mary Langholz

Marjorie Langohr

Tracy and Pam (Brown) Launer

Mark and Connie Leinhos

Chris and Alicia Levitt

Pat Liggett

Craig and Wendy Lohmann

Carlos and Darcy Lugo

Lutheran Church Extension Fund

Robert and Joy Maassel

MainStay Solutions, Inc.

Tom and Kim (Gall) Manske

Paul and Renee (Mueller) Marinko

Kevin Marks

John and Carol (Gerbers) Marks

Kerry and Linda (Rodenbeck) Marshall

Jack Massucci

Norvin McClure

Mitch and Cindy McKinney

Tony and Doreen Meier

Carl Messerschmidt

Warren and Joan (Rathjen) Messmann

Brooke Messmann

John and Erin (Davis) Mickelini

Karen Montgomery

Al and Kristin (Wick) Morrison

Patrick Moylan

Bruce and Jill Mueller

Kim Nash

Jill (Brueggeman) Nichols

Maddie Nichols

Geraldine Nickerson

Miles and Luann (Karbach) Nitz

Victoria Norris

Gary and Judy (Brandt) Novak

Dave and Tammy (Lagemann) Panning

Karen Pannkuk

Nick Henney and Jill Park

Fred and Sharyl (Breininger) Paul

Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc.

Robert and Theresa (Goeglein) Pierce

Tedd and Liz (Gerke) Povar

Jeffrey Powell

Charlie and Roxanne (Hill) Pratt

Dick and Lois Reddemann

Chuck and Shannon Reddinger

Steve and Julia Rieck

Matthew and Karen Ringwald

Tim Robison

Steve and Becky Rohde

Denny and Linda (Schaefer) Schaefer

Pat and Jenny Scheiderer

Ken and Sally Schilf

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Schmidt

Kurt and Anna Schmidt

Catherine Scholz

Kevin and Becky Schroeder

Dean and Meliisa Shaffer

Vince and Lisa (Widenhofer) Slack

Walter and Carolyn Slack

Paul and Andrea Smith

Troy and Angela Smith

Stephen Smith

Josh and Sarah Sommermeyer

Doug Speakman

John and Linda Stafford

Eric Stirnkorb

Summit Financial Group

Eric and Sue Taylor

Mike and Amie Ter Molen

Mychal and Lauren Thom

Scott and Audrey Thompson

David and Sharon Thompson

Mike and Jody Trent

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

David and Jody Vining

Jeff and Sandy (Liebmann) von Deylen

Barbara Wachtman and Thomas Skillman

Dave and Norma (Hattendorf) Wade

Steve and Cathy Waggoner

Mark and Danielle Webb

Kurt and Beth Webber

Martin and Norma Weissert

David and Brenda (Edwards) West

Jon and Dani (Braun) Wetzel

Dave and Debbie Wietfeldt

Earnie and Betsey Williamson

Steve and Lori Witte

Tim and Janice Witte

Eric and Cindy Witters

Jim and Diane (Schwartz) Witzenman

Jeremy and Rachael (Hartmann) Wood

Jane Wuthrich

Phil Zimmermann