Annual Report for 2020-21 » Endowed Giving Donors

Endowed Giving Donors

Benjamin and Nancy Adams

Tom and Phyllis Agness

AmazonSmile Foundation

Phil and Suzanne Amt


Anthony Wayne Corporation

Tom and Paula Baack

John and Sue (Sprunger) Baker

Ted and Cindy Barger

Rob and Anne (Howard) Bartlett

Nancy Bartol

Timothy and Diane (Liebmann) Benecke

Steve and Linda Benz

Herb and Marlene (Huth) Berner

Bruce and Jackie Berning

Best Friends Diamonds & Gems

Don and Marty (Borchelt) Bielke

Al and Karen (Rodenbeck) Bierlein

Fred and Candy Bleeke

Matt Blume

Steven Bolyard

David and Sandy (Mommer) Bradtmiller

Mary Bradtmueller

Kenneth and Judi Bredemeier

Terry and Gretchen (Albers) Breininger

Gene and Donna Brunow

Bill Burhop

Cap’s Mobile Home Park - The Johnson Family

Lee and Jackie (Dent) Clark

John and Bonnie (Borchelt) Claycomb

Dave and Krista (Knepper) Cocks

Ann Colglazier Dolsen

Concordia Educational Foundation

Mike and Sara (Ayres) Craig

Amy Creigh

Dean and Caroline Dauscher

Theodore and Janet Davis

Raymond and Jill DeBolt

Fritz and Krista (Lewis) Depenthal

William and Martha Derbyshire

John and Pat Diemer

Annette Diemer

Dan and Sharon Dienelt

Dinner Club

D'Italia Associates

Do it Best Corp.

Dale and Bonnie (Kruse) Doerffler

Dean and Barb (Meyer) Doerffler

Harry and Marilyn Edenfield

Edwards Family Foundation

Jerry and Ruth (Goeglein) Ehle

James and Elaine (Schroeder) Elsner

Michael and Emily (Rodenbeck) Eschelbach

Bruce and Jenny Etzler

Gene and Carolyn Falkenstern

Ron Fandrick

Steve and Faith Felton

Peter Fettig

Ron and Gale Fiebig

First Merchants Corporation

Edward and Joyce (Wilson) Fisher

Cathy Fitzgerald

Ginny Flora

Fox & Fox Frame Service, Inc.

Robert and Rosemary Freebeck

Gene and Sandy (Wolf) Friedrich

Harold and Barbara Friedrich

Ruth Gallmeier Estate

Leon and Dianne (Shrubsall) Giannakeff

Robert and Jenni Gibbs

Grabill Hardware

Mark and Judy Graft

Dan and Jenny (Hallien) Grisez

Dorothy Harmeyer

Nancy Hartmann

James Hatfield

Lisa Hegerfeld

Chad and Lisa Heilman

Marie Heller

John and Jeanette (Koehlinger) Hendrickson

Donald and Rebecca Henry

Mark and Debbie Hesterman

Burton Hill

Marvin and Harriett Hinkle

Ralph Hofmann

Guy and Ruth (Lake) Holladay

Jill Houlihan

Adam and Jennifer Howard

Larry and Stephanie Hoyle

Bob and Sheila Hudson

inFaith Community Foundation

Aimee Insull

James and Joy (Novak) Jackson

Dan and Debbie (Grim) Jessup

Kim Jones

Bill Kaiser

Jonathan and Sue (Bostelman) Keck

Homer and Cathleen Kiefer

Karen Knepper

Richard and Gwen (Koehlinger) Knipstein

Wilbur and Maxine Knipstein

Mary Knoblauch

Bill and Ladonna (Goeglein) Koch

Nancy Koehlinger

Bruce and Mary Koeneman

Carolyn (Dahling) Kroeger

Donna Lagemann

Dennis and Linda Landin

Judy LeBeau

Rebecca Leung

Lou Linnemeier

Don and Ellen Luepke

Nathan and Melissa Luepke

David Lupke

Duane and Carol Lupke

Lupke Foundation, Inc.

Bob and Tammy (Hurley) Macke

John and Carol (Gerbers) Marks

Melissa Marquardt

Peg Massucci

Albert and Joan Massucci

Jerilynn Massucci

Jill Massucci-Hartlauf

Bob and Chris Michael

Carol (Doehrman) Miller

Stephen and Penny (Gersmehl) Miquelon

Bruce and Jill Mueller

Jennifer Nash

Kim Nash

Bonnie Nebl

Rick and Nichole Neuhaus

James and Julie Neumann

Dennis and Nancy Noak

Northeast Indiana Baseball Association

William and Marlene (Doehrman) Noyes

Andy and Angie (Grim) Owen

Michelle Persinger

Barrie and Judy Peterson

Scott and Tricia Prough

Thomas Pruesse

Russ and Jeanette Quilhot

Dan Reilly

Steven and Nancy Reith

Gerald and Martha Resler

Craig and Ann Rice

Mary Roehrs

Michael and Suanne (Kreiselmeyer) Roemer

Becky Roemer

Jon and Connie Roemke

Stan and Linda (Nahrwold) Rorick

Deb Ross

Geri Ruppert

William and Mary Kay Same

Steve Scheumann

James and Sheryl Schmidt

Steven and Patricia Schnorr

Neal Schueler

Willard Scott

Bob and Jennifer Shirey

Fred and Susan Snyder

Sandy Snyder

Tom and Mary Jane Steinhauser

Chad Stettler

Paul and Judy (Kohlmeyer) Strasen

Elmer and Ronda Strautman

Thrivent Financial

Brad and Jan Till

James and Jeanette Till

Linda Wallace

Dave and Cathy Walz

Michael and Louise Weber

Gary and Angela Welker

Al and Carol (Schoenherr) Wick

Gerry and Ronnie Widenhofer

Tim Wiedman

Wildcat Recreation Association

Paul and Pat Wills

Michael Jones and Patricia Wilson

Mike and Beth (Dohrmann) Wyss

Paul and Peggy Zilz

Carole Zilz

Rachel Zoeller

Ann Zurcher