Annual Report for 2020-21 » Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Tom and Paula Baack

Phil and Suzanne Amt

Ted and Cindy Barger

Barton-Coe-Vilamaa Architects & Engineers

Dean and Crystal Castleman

CMS Roofing, Inc.

Dave and Krista ( Knepper ) Cocks

Dean and Barb ( Meyer ) Doerffler

Harold and Barbara Friedrich

Nancy Hartmann

Chad and Lisa Heilman

John and Jeanette ( Koehlinger ) Hendrickson

Guy and Ruth ( Lake ) Holladay

Gary and Monica Johnson

Kim Jones

Karen Knepper

Nancy Koehlinger

Byron and Shelby Lamm

Rick and Nichole Neuhaus

Roger and Brenda Schuller

Rachel Zoeller

Becky Lynch

Robert and Jenni Gibbs

James and Kathryn Somers

Eileen Witte

Linda Wood

Kenneth and Judi Bredemeier

Fred and Sharyl (Breininger) Paul

Donna Lagemann

Erin Bugg

Ed and Teresa Davis

John and Connie Denninger

Randy and Karen (Graft) Einem

Mark and Judy Graft

Debra Lewis

Verizon Foundation

John and Susan Hein

Fred and Candy Bleeke

Dean and Caroline Dauscher

Doris Conrad

Dean and Barb ( Meyer ) Doerffler

Robert and Karen Hoffman

Dennis and Maryanne ( Wakeland ) McClure

Eric and Kim Riebersal

Michael Schempf

Kraig and Sheryl Scott

David and Cheryl Streeter

Rob Taylor

Max Wakeland

Don and Ellen Luepke

Grant Goeglein

Sharon (Bashelier) Koehlinger

James Hatfield