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Alumni Donors

Bill and Carol Berning

Herb and Marge Foelber

Gretchen Fuhrmann

Robert and Barbara Golm

June Lorenzen

Dick and Carol (Woerner) Maassel

Mary Macke

Robert and Marjorie Novotney

Al and Carol (Schoenherr) Wick

Donald and Janet Ahlersmeyer

Donald Amstutz

Donald and Gloria (Panning) Amstutz

Clarann Bengs

Bruce and Ede Braun

Jerry and Mary (Schlund) Coil

Tom Daseler

Bob and Sue (Kassing) Dettmer

Annette Diemer

Don and Donna (Bosselman) Duff

Roger and Carolyn (Schroeder) Eden

Richard and Annette (Wilke) Ernsting

Gene and Donna Fahlsing

Gary and Carol Lynn (Koeneman) Fink

Tom Foelber

Ron Gallmeyer

Larry and Carol (Dettmer) Goeglein

Carolyn Harvey

Jackie Heckler

Jack and Dianne Hein

Lorene Hilgemann

Norm and Marcia (Walde) Hitzeman

Bertie (Smith) Hormann

Elwood and Nancy (Wilson) Jackemeyer

James and Heidi Knill

Sharon (Bashelier) Koehlinger

Denis and Judy Koehlinger

Bill and Ila Kraft

Carl and Marianne (Meyer) Krog

Marjorie Langohr

Weldon and Jan Leimer

Walt and Linda Leimer

Marilyn (Linnemeier) Link

Dick and Carol (Woerner) Maassel

Donna (Adam) Myers

David and Carolyn (Hoffman) Nahrwold

Allen Nahrwold

Godfrey Parsons

Lois Perrine

Paul and Sandy Pillsbury

Glen and Phyllis (Koenig) Reinking

Richard and Lois Rodenbeck

Dean and Edie Rodenbeck

Wade Roemke

Roger and Elaine Ruff

Bob and Ramona Scheimann

David and Marilyn (Schweizer) Scherer

Hank and Charlene Schroeder

Marilyn (Woerner) Schultz

Richard and Carol Schust

Rosie (Stauffer) Springer

Dean and Pat (Fahlsing) Stigall

Lee and Becky Stilwell

John and Karen (Stein) Strom

Lois Weber-Henschen

Wendell Wehling

Tom and Joan (Luepke) West

Beverly Zelt

Alice (Thieme) Zielke

Phil and Suzanne Amt

Tom and Diane (Prochnow) Anderson

Dean and Joann Aulick

Tom and Paula Baack

Steve and Lenka Bercot

Rev. Al and Karen (Rodenbeck) Bierlein

Bob and Rosie (Doenges) Blazek

Roger and Lisa Boester

Larry Boseker

John Brandt and Mary Lieberman-Brandt

Kenneth and Judi Bredemeier

Mark and Rosalind Burger

Sandy Cecchini

Jack and Ann (Bertram) Clark

Lee and Jackie (Dent) Clark

Bob and Sue (Kassing) Dettmer

Ann Diefenthaler

David and Doris (Frederick) Doroh

Del and Jan (Walde) Dreyer

Norb and Ann Dreyer

Harry and Marilyn Edenfield

Tom and Kathy (Walle) Eggold

Tim and Lynette Esslinger

Rhonda Fishel

Beth (Breininger) Gerholt

Linda Gjesvold

Philip and Marty (Korte) Habegger

Bruce and Colleen (Bercot) Hallberg

Steven and Linda Hallien

Dave and Sandy (Arnold) Hawk

Cassandra (Shull) Hebermehl

Paul Hemsoth

Mitch and Carol (Henline) Henke

Eric and Donna Hoffman

Kenneth and Jan Hoffman

Ronald and Shirley Holle

Dave and Michele (Hartman) Imler

Dan and Barb (Seddelmeyer) Johnson

Jon and Sue (Bostelman) Keck

Jerry Kleinschmidt

Richard Klotz

Carolyn Koehler

Susan Koehlinger

Tom and Rita Koerner

Philip and Brenda Kruse

Donna Lagemann

Mark and Connie Leinhos

Jack Longberry

James and Mary Ann (Grote) Mangold

Tom and Kim (Gall) Manske

John and Carol (Gerbers) Marks

David and Jeri McCollister

Ed and Mary McFarland

Richard and Judy (Reno) McLeish

Jerry and Janice (Niemeyer) Meyer

Joy Meyer

Bob and Chris Michael

Hal and Elizabeth Moellering

Bruce and Jill Mueller

William and Marlene (Doehrman) Noyes

Linda Parker

Evelyn Pauley

Doug and Lenore (Kaiser) Perry

Jeanette Reitz

Michael and Suanne (Kreiselmeyer) Roemer

Bill and Joyce (Bultemeier) Roesler

Robert and Melodie Rupp

Denny and Linda (Schaefer) Schaefer

Danley and Patti (Purvis) Schiebel

John and Mary Ann Schoedel

Jerry and Karen Schoenefeld

Robert and Nancy Schumm

Paul Smith

Dan and Chris (Albers) Tews

Bill and Joanne (Holterman) Thompson

Larry and Marie (Gerken) Tidrick

Kenneth and Susan (Waikel) Till

Dennis and Kathy (Rodenbeck) Tripcony

Martin Veiss

Norma (Hattendorf) Wade

Phil and Cheryl Wiehe

Sue (Robertson) Wilson

Daryl and Lucie Witte

Tim and Diane (Liebmann) Benecke

John and Karen Bercot

Bill and Nancy (Bulmahn) Berning

James and Elaine (Koenig) Berning

Stan and Janalee (Thompson) Bieberich

Phil and Jane (Liby) Borchelt

Jim and Beth (Kanning) Brackmann

Tim and Diane (Hans) Breininger

Rhonda Brown

Steven Bruick

Al and Gyneth (Schaefer) Conrad

Russ and Susan Crumrine

Tom and Margaret (Beltz) Dannenfelser

Bill and Debra Davis

Carl Didier

Dennis and Ann Dobbins

Dale and Bonnie (Kruse) Doerffler

Dean and Barb (Meyer) Doerffler

Mark Eastman

Judith Ekola

Dave and Dottie (Fairfield) Enters

Michael and Emily (Rodenbeck) Eschelbach

Nathan and Joellen (Tucker) Flak

David and Tina (Taykowski) Franke

Tim and Cathi (Nieter) Galli

Thomas and Cinda Gerbers

Jeff and Maryann Gerken

Andy and Chris (Nieter) Goeglein

Grant and Jill (Brueggeman) Goeglein

Cynthia Goller

Don and Diane (Katt) Gotsch

John and Tammy Haenftling

Sidney and Nannette (Burkett) Harris

Bruce and Artees (Roesener) Hartley

Dan and Pat Heath

Mark and Dorothea (Werling) Herb

Philip and Barb Herb

Tim and Ellen (Nord) Hermann

Mark and Debbie Hesterman

Dale and Pat Howard

Beth (Payne) Igney

Rik and Susan Ihssen

Kitt and Karen (Bradtmiller) Johnson

Art and Linda (Hoppe) Just

Richard and Sue (Fosnaugh) Kincaid

John and Dawn (Bowlin) Kleber

Dan and Melissa Kramer

Mark and Teresa Kramer

Joel and Ginger (Pape) Leinhos

Bob and Tammy (Hurley) Macke

Ellen Mann

Jeff and Diana Massucci

Elizabeth McClain

Harry and Linda McGinnis

Dennis Meyer

Paul and Marlyn (Pfeiffer) Minick

Paul and Debbie Nielsen

Dan and Beth (Schust) Nieter

Alan and Sherri (Cordes) Pflueger

Bob and Terri (Goeglein) Pierce

Greg Rehberg

Tim and Carol Reinking

Bob and Kathleen Rossow

Paul Sauerteig

Ken and Julie (Krauskopf) Sawusch

Brad Scherer

Kathy Scherer

Steven and Rebecca Schlund

Sue Schmidt

Bill and Mary Schott

Jeanette Schouweiler

Barbara Schwarz

Todd and Angie Seiman

Klare Stech

Charles and Cindy Tapp

Bill and Janell (Knipstein) Vaughan

Pete and Kay Watson

Tom and Mary Pat Wesche

John Wick

Pam Wolfe

Mark and Kim Zuehsow

Tony and Cindi Aaron

Tom and Jennifer (Hille) Ackmann

Mark and Jennifer Adair

Tom and Michele Anderson

Stewart and Claire (Lahey) Beach

Jeffrey and Sarah Bercot

Eric and Karen Bieberich

Ben and Nicole Borchelt

Doug and Dawn (Daggett) Brackmann

Judi Brunow

Scott and Carrie (Capps) Bultemeyer

Kyle Calloway

Stein and Therese (Baker) Cass

James and Sharon (Schamber) Connick

Holly Enustun

Steve and Cheryl (Dickerson) Gilliom

Don and Christy Goeglein

George and Michele (Young) Gordon

Jeff and Jessica Gotsch

Randy and Silvia Grote

George Angelone and Gretchen Gutman

Kurt and Carrie (Hawk) Gutman

Deadre Hartley

John and Susan Hein

Brett and Laura (Zelt) Helmkamp

Vicki Hitzemann

Doug and Michelle (Weiss) Hoag

Ken and Cyndi Hoffman

Ruth Kabitzke

Tim and Heather Klage

Todd and Amy (Starnes) Light

Gary and Mindy (Behny) Lunz

Kerry and Linda (Rodenbeck) Marshall

Patti Massucci

John and Erin (Davis) Mickelini

Phil and Penny Miller

Chris and Susan Murphy

Kim Nash

Dan and Beth (Schust) Nieter

Craig and Rhonda (Stahl) Patterson

Neal and Kathleen Puff

John Hoelderle and Julia C. Saalfrank

Scott and Brenda Saylor

Gary Schaber

Barry Schust

Eric Stirnkorb

Mike and Lori Stout

Robert and Laura (Braun) Strouts

Bill and Heidi (Linnemeier) Swiss

Brad and Jan Till

Ragna Urberg

Mark Vandre

Mark and Shelly Witmer

Brian and Cari Bean

Chris and Jodi (Kaiser) Belschner

Ty and Cheryl (Brunow) Bennett

Greg and Erin (Taube) Clark

Jacob and Jennifer Clendenen

Mike and Sara (Ayres) Craig

Aaron Diefenthaler

Mark and Rebekah (Smith) Dolde

Jamie and Kimbra Druley

Travis and Sarah Dry

Brent and Diana (Johnson) Fulton

Tony and Erika Gibson

Dan and Jenny (Hallien) Grisez

Rusty Grose

Greg Hill

Russell and Monica Jehl

Dan and Debbie (Grim) Jessup

Brent and Nicole Korte

Chad and Erin (Oldsen) Loggins

Nathan and Melissa Luepke

Kevin Marks

Stephanie Marks

Shawn and Jessica (Peterson) McLain

Tim and Jenni Metel

Andy and Erin (Marks) Morris

Brett and Krista (Kammeyer) Motter

Jacob and Sarah (Smith) Pennekamp

Ted and Holly (Gray) Raney

Christopher and Rachel Salemink

Gregg and Julie Sappenfield

James and Katie (Harpel) Saunders

Matthew and Belle Schaaf

Debbie Schumm

Dan and Janet Smith

Chris and Sarah (Sample) Smith

Adam and Anne Thies

Konrad Urberg

Dave and Leslie (Hand) Vandre

David and Heather Wade

Michelle Wedeven

Jeff and Ashley Wiehe

Kristin Blume

Phil and Elisa Brackmann

Justin and Elizabeth Collins

Angela Conrad

Collin and Laura (Mews) Duling

Grant and Jill (Brueggeman) Goeglein

Bradley Hintz

Adam Hockemeyer

Ted and Lizzy (Spira) Hoham

Andrew and Kathryn (Herb) Lehman

Derek and Abby (Eschelbach) Lorenzen

Erin Riley

Brooke Schaefer

Laura Schultz

Garren Seifert

Braden and Ali Turner

Jeremy and Rachael (Hartmann) Wood

James and Christina (Herb) Alliger

Andrew Bower

Taylor Burford

Tisby Critchley

Bradley Murphy

Maddie Nichols

Katelyn Reinhard

Gavin Seifert

Noah Sheaffer

Tyler Stacy

Aaron and Erin (Adair) Vogt

Harrison Critchley

Finty Critchley

Andy Deng

Erin Flaningan

Scarlett Sheaffer

Cat Sheaffer

Joseph Smithson

Cort Wagner

Landon Willard