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Career Internship Program

The Career Internship Program is a chance for seniors to test the waters of an undecided career choice before going on to college. The course may be one semester or two semesters and is designed to provide opportunities for students to explore careers that require additional degrees or certification beyond high school. Students will receive hands-on work experience that extends far beyond a day of job shadowing.

Students will receive one credit per semester for completing a minimum of 70 hours of workplace experience along with classroom requirements. This course is a Core 40 directed elective and can also be used as an Academic Honors elective.

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One advantage that the Career Internship Program offers students is the opportunity to explore career interests in an actual job setting. The program also enhances the student’s ability to develop a post-high school plan. The Career Internship Program offers specialized learning experiences that could not be provided within the restrictions of a classroom while at the same time allowing classroom-learning experiences to become more relevant and meaningful. An internship is an unpaid position that provides the opportunity for networking and possible employment at the internship site upon graduation.


To apply for the program, please complete the Career Internship Application below and return it to Mrs. Luanne Erdos, Career Internship Program Director. For questions, contact Mrs. Erdos at (260) 203-4575 or [email protected].