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Crew (Rowing)

The CLHS Crew is a rowing team that uses Skulls and Sweeps similar to those used in Olympic rowing competitions. Crew is a three-season sport that allows students to compete in one, two or three seasons, enabling them to participate in other sports as well. Each season has specific types of competitions including head races, indoor races and regattas. The crew team travels across the region for these events, some of which are in Michigan and Ohio. The team practices on the St. Joe/St. Mary’s rivers as well as in surrounding lakes. CLHS has one of only two high school crew programs in the state and has alumni that row for Purdue University, Indiana University, and the University of Michigan.

Cost: Based upon entry fees throughout the year.

Coach: Cody Hough, (260) 444-9487, [email protected]

Faculty Advisor: SFC Al Conrad