Daily Bulletin

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The Daily Bulletin gives regular updates on information important to students and their parents, including scholarships, club meetings, upcoming schedules, and general announcements. 

What if I'm not receiving the Daily Bulletin?

If you are not receiving the daily bulletin, chances are it has been moved to your spam folder. To fix this:

1. Go to gmail.com from any computer.

2. Login with your CLHS email address and password.

3. In the left pane, find and click your spam folder.

4. Click ANY Daily Bulletin message.

5. Next to the reply arrow, click the down arrow and select Filter messages.

6. The "from" box should already be populated with Mrs. Niedermeyer's email address.

7. Click the Create filter with this search link at the bottom of the box.

8. Put a check in the box that says Never send to spam.

9. Click Create Filter button.

If you are still not receiving the Daily Bulletin, please contact the main office to make sure that your email is correct in our system.