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A Legacy of Support

For more than 80 years, generations of alumni and friends have provided support for Concordia in countless ways. Prayers, volunteer time, and words of encouragement contributed immensely to Concordia’s success.

Since its beginnings, Concordia has also been blessed to have individuals and organizations, including member churches, support the ministry of the school with their time, talents and treasures. Today Concordia is fortunate to have and will continue to need significant levels of financial support to enable it to continue the pursuit of its mission in the 21st century.

The Cadet Fund is the centerpiece of all of our fundraising efforts at Concordia. Gifts to this annual fund enhance the student experience.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have established an Emergency Relief Fund to help CLHS families who have been impacted by this pandemic. Click here to learn more and to support this fund. 

If you would like to Pledge a gift to the Cadet Fund, please contact Greg Rehberg at (260) 483-1102, ext. 217 or

Cadets in Cadence, our annual dinner auction, is our single-most impactful fundraiser. This annual event is a great connector to the community and raises funds for student scholarships. 

Concordia Educational Foundation (CEF)

The Concordia Educational Foundation continues to be the endowment for the high school. Endowed gifting programs for scholarships, as well as for restricted and unrestricted purposes, are available through CEF. Potential donors may also be interested in CEF’s new donor advised funds.

  • Many people who support the high school financially have special interests in mind. To find out more about special giving opportunities, contact John Schoedel, Chief Development Officer at or call (260) 482-1102, ext. 251. Click below for the SGO Donor Form.
  • Through the years Concordia has also been blessed by many individuals who have taken the time to create special gifts for the high school as part of their future planning. Planned gifts are a wonderful way to continue your legacy and make a lasting impact on Concordia Lutheran High School. To find out more about planned giving opportunities and Concordia Lutheran High School, contact John Schoedel, Chief Development Officer.

CARES Act Information

Temporary Universal Charitable Deduction for 2020 Tax Year
A temporary charitable deduction has been enacted for 2020. This deduction will allow taxpayers who do not currently itemize their deductions to claim a charitable deduction for cash donations up to $300 through December 31. The $300 cap applies to individuals and married couples equally, i.e., a married couple would not be able to take a $600 deduction. Donations to donor advised funds and supporting organizations are not eligible for this deduction.

Adjusted Gross Income Charitable Deduction Caps Suspended or Increased for 2020 Tax Year
The adjusted gross income (AGI) limits on charitable donations are suspended or increased for cash gifts made by individuals and corporations. The 50% AGI cap for individual taxpayers who itemize has been suspended. Taxpayers who itemize are eligible to take charitable deductions for donations up to 100% of their AGI for the 2020 tax year. The AGI cap for corporations has been increased from 10% to 25% for corporate tax years ending in 2020. For food donations, the corporate cap has been increased from 15% to 25% for corporate tax years ending in 2020. Donations to private foundations and donor advised funds are not eligible for the increase or suspension of AGI limits.