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Our History

Concordia has grown from our earliest days on the campus of Concordia College, to our move to the facility at Anthony and Maumee, to our current location. Through it all, and by the grace of God, Concordia continues to thrive, adapting to an ever-changing landscape while staying true to our core.

First and foremost, our faith: enduring and inspiring, Concordia remains a place where Christ is at the center of everything we do. This fundamental belief inspires our students, faculty and staff to serve others inside and outside these walls.

Secondly, the knowledge we impart, both to our students and each other: Concordia remains a place where people challenge each other to a greater understanding of our world…and ourselves.

Finally, the Concordia family remains a supportive and understanding community: we welcome new members every year while honoring those whose contributions make it possible to offer the Concordia experience to successive generations.

Below, you can read more about our history and tradition, from 1935 on: