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International Students

International Students

Foreign Exchange, International and Immigrant Student Enrollment Policy


The following items must be submitted by the student before a final decision can be made on enrollment. The Enrollment Committee of Concordia Lutheran High School makes the final decision on all applications for enrollment.

International Student Application

For Foreign Exchange Students who are represented by an international travel and exchange organization:

The student must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This must be arranged with the person representing the organization.
  • CLHS will not accept any foreign student who has not taken the TOEFL Test. All other arrangements, such as obtaining an I-20 and F-1 visa, are the responsibility of the organization.
  • CLHS requires that the prospective student’s parents pay an enrollment fee of $350. Tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the school year. No tuition assistance is available for foreign exchange students.
  • CLHS does not secure lodging for any foreign student.

For a student to receive high school credit, the student must show competency in the English language as measured by the Michigan Test for English or the TOEFL test. Those students who do not show competency should enroll in a program where they can receive instruction in English as a second language prior to applying at CLHS.

International Students must be represented by an international travel and exchange organization.

For Immigrant Students living in this country with their families and students of foreign missionaries and pastors attending Concordia Theological Seminary, the following policies apply:
  • The student must take the TOEFL. The student and family must make their own arrangements to take the test and then provide CLHS with the results. (The TOEFL test can be taken online.)
  • The student and parents must meet with the CLHS principal to determine enrollment, the CLHS executive director to determine financial arrangements and a CLHS guidance counselor to select classes.

In addition we will need:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Completed Student Information Sheet: (A complete transcript in English of all credits and grades received in high school level classes must be attached to the transcript. If the student is going to enroll in the ninth grade, we need transcripts for seventh and eighth grades.) Documentation verifying an adequate competency in English should be attached to this sheet. It is the responsibility of the prospective student to submit scores based on a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The website is
  • If the student is interested in receiving a diploma, a bank statement or other documentation indicating the parent's or responsible party's ability to pay the student's tuition and fees while at Concordia, for as many years as may be necessary to achieve a diploma. (The number of years will be determined by a careful examination of the student's transcript. Most foreign students need to attend Concordia at least two of three full years before receiving enough credits to graduate, and a student enrolling as a ninth grader would need to attend for four years.)
  • Health Immunization Records (Very Important!) In order to comply with Indiana State law, certain immunizations are required in order to attend school. They include the following: three OPV/IPV, three DTP/DT/TD/DTaP, two MMR and three Hepatitis B shots. You may have already had these immunizations and can bring the records to the School Nurse for verification prior to the start of school. If these records are not available prior to school starting or the shots have not been received, then the proper immunizations can be received through the Super Shot program here in Fort Wayne. Please contact the School Nurse at Concordia for a Super Shot schedule and locations. These immunizations must be in progress in order to attend classes and then must be completed to stay enrolled at Concordia.

No decision on enrollment can be made until these items are submitted to the Director of Admissions and Retention.