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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Concordia Lutheran High School pursues Christ-centered educational excellence that equips individuals for lifelong learning and service as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Portrait of a Graduate

Concordia Lutheran High School Graduates are individually equipped to be…

  • Christ-centered citizens—interacting with the world through the lens of a Christian worldview
  • Well-rounded scholars—prepared to think critically and creatively to take action for the public good
  • Lifelong learners—eagerly cultivating their talents and gifts
  • Lifelong servants—delighting in the vocations into which Christ calls them
  • Disciples of Jesus Christ—modeling Christ’s love to others in their community and beyond

Core Values

Concordia Lutheran High School was founded on the principles of faith, Christian service, and academic excellence. Over time, the three additional principles of diversity, mission partnerships, and relationships have been added to our core values.

  • Academic Excellence: Concordia gives glory to God and creates increased opportunities for service to others when learning at a high level is a desired goal for each student.
  • Christian Faith: Concordia’s roots are founded in Scripture and its proclamation that we are saved by grace through faith, that the believer is both saint and sinner, and that each individual is a unique creation of God.
  • Diversity: Concordia is a community that nurtures Christian understanding and cooperation among all people. God has created each person to be unique and gifted with a wide variety of physical and cultural traits. Jesus calls us to love and to be in service to all of humanity.
  • Mission Partnerships: As a mission training ground, Concordia is part of the larger mission of the Lutheran Church throughout the world.
  • Relationships: By the power of the Holy Spirit, Concordia provides nurturing soil for establishing Christian relationships with and among students, staff, families, alumni, owner congregations, the Board of Directors, and other Christians that last a lifetime and will benefit the world and give Glory to God into eternity.
  • Servant Leadership: With Jesus as our example, Concordia is committed to serving the spiritual and human needs of others.

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

Concordia Lutheran High School educators…

  • Bring a vibrant passion for the mission
  • Commit to continuous Christian growth as disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Genuinely imitate Christ
  • Display content knowledge and pursue pedagogical versatility
  • Actively build and invest in relationships
  • Foster a safe learning environment that inspires intellectual growth, collaboration and creativity
  • Nurture the whole individual