Our Creator's Classroom

Our Creator's Classroom is an outdoor laboratory with an amazing diversity of plant and animal life. Located on the northern edge of Concordia Lutheran High School campus, the OCC serves as an educational resource for both elementary and secondary students.


Elementary teachers are welcome to bring their classes for tours of Our Creator's Classroom. During a tour, Concordia's Environmental Science students guide groups of elementary students through a variety of outdoor education activities.


Fall tours are guided nature walks led by Concordia’s environmental science students. Who help elementary students observe the living and non-living features of our forested environment, compare similar organisms, and conduct a nature scavenger hunt. Other interdisciplinary activities such as making measurements or writing about their experience can be included.


Spring tours feature instructional activities surrounding a topic in nature. In these tours, environmental science students lead a series of activities that share samples of what they have learned during the year with elementary students.


Throughout the year Concordia’s environmental science students use the OCC to conduct laboratory investigations and practice environmental restoration by removing invasive species and replacing them with native plants. Our Creator's Classroom is a living laboratory, celebrating God's creative power and love.


To learn more or to schedule a tour, please contact the high school's office at 260-483-1102.