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Concordia Lutheran High School bases its existence on the message of salvation by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ as found in the Bible. Through the use of Law and Gospel, Concordia provides a stimulating environment for spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth. Our commitment is to pursue excellence in our entire educational process. 

It is our belief that all individuals are created by God and purchased by Christ; therefore, they have worth and are a vital part of the family of Christ. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, all individuals are able to recognize their worth and now respond to God’s love and the challenges of life by serving God and mankind. 

We believe that Christian education curricular and co-curricular, permeated by God’s Word, offers all individuals the unique opportunity to grow in God’s grace and knowledge, to discover and develop their God given gifts and talents and to explore the wonders of God’s creation. Christian education as an exciting, ongoing process uses a variety of activities and teaching styles to promote growth in knowledge, values and skills. 

The effectiveness of Christian education is enhanced by the cooperation among family, congregation, community and school. Furthermore, we believe that Christian students will support and be involved in their own family life as well as church, community and world affairs.

By the grace of God, Concordia Lutheran High School provides every student with a Christian understanding of life, preparation for a world of change and a readiness to assume responsibility in every aspect of Christian living.