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Social Studies

The mission of the Social Studies Department at Concordia Lutheran High School is to prepare students to become life-long learners who can make informed and reasoned decisions. Students will take action, for the public good, as Christian citizens in a dynamic global community. 

For the Core 40 requirements, six credits of Social Studies are required, among which the student must take World History or World Geography (two semesters); U.S. History (two semesters); U.S. Government (one semester); and Economics (one semester). IDOE State Reporting: The pass rate of Concordia students taking the USCIS Naturalization Exam is 100%.

The department offers an Advanced Placement (AP) class in United States History during the junior year; AP Micro Economics during the senior year; and dual credit Psychology during the junior or senior year. Sociology is offered as an elective during the junior or senior year.

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