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Disciplinary Consequences

SPECIAL NOTE -  Each student at Concordia is unique, and the issues they face are unique, therefore the administration at Concordia Lutheran High School reserves the right to apply any of the following consequences it deems necessary in order to create an equitable, fair, and safe academic environment for all students.

The student who develops a pattern of poor academic performance will be placed on academic probation. Academic Probation is not meant to be punitive in nature but an extra support to the student.  Students who earn 2 or more F’s on a SEMESTER report card will be placed on Academic Probation. While on Academic Probation, the student is assigned to the Study Center and given a mentor.  The student and parent should monitor the student’s grades online weekly.  A review of the study skills, health, and personal habits of the student may be helpful in guiding the student to improvement. Students who find themselves in repeated difficulty due to excessive tardiness, poor attendance, or other behavioral problems may be placed on attendance and/or behavioral probation. The student and his parents are notified through a written letter of the reason for the probation and the conditions and duration of the status. Probation shall be of one full semester duration with a review of status at the end of the full semester. Following the review, the Dean of Student Success may select one of several options; returning the student to “good standing” status, another semester of probation, or dismissal. 

A student who is suspended from Concordia is told the reason for the suspension and the parents are informed of the causes and conditions of the suspension. The suspension may be assigned as an in school suspension (ISS) or an out of school suspension (OSS). An OSS is recorded as an Undocumented Absence. Students who do not cooperate with staff during an in school suspension will be sent home for an out of school suspension. Students assigned an ISS or OSS may earn full credit for homework, quizzes, and exams assigned during the suspension period. Before the conclusion of an out of school suspension, a conference may be held with the Dean of Student Success, the parents, and the student to discuss the reasons for the suspension and the conditions of the student’s return to the classroom. 

A student who is expelled from Concordia is told the reason for his expulsion and the parents are informed of the causes and conditions of the expulsion. A conference with the principal, the Dean of Student Success, the parents and the student is held to discuss the reasons for such action. This action is taken only when other avenues of guidance have been exhausted or when the actions involved cause a serious threat to persons or the educational process. 

A parent and student may obtain a hearing regarding suspension or expulsion by making a written request to the Head of School within five (5) calendar days of the action. The Head of School, after hearing the reasons for suspension or expulsion makes the final determination as to the course of disciplinary action.
Detentions will be served after school from 3:15-4:15 PM. Students who are assigned a detention will report to the teacher’s classroom during this time. At the end of the detention, students are excused to go home. While in detention, students are required to have study materials with which to work quietly. NO ELECTRONICS or sleeping will be allowed during detention. Service Work is assigned for minor disciplinary offenses as determined by the Dean of Student Success.
Students who threaten the safety of, fight with or cause physical harm to another student face school discipline up to and including suspension and possible expulsion.
Stealing school property, student property, or staff property results in suspension and possible expulsion.
Use or possession of tobacco and/or vape juice in any form, including e-cigarettes, vapes, and juuls, is not allowed at any time while a student is on the school grounds or while attending school functions. The student’s parents are contacted and disciplinary action is initiated. A student will serve a minimum of 3 days out-of-school (OSS) for being in the possession of tobacco products or vapes of any kind.

In recognition of the use and abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and the danger this poses to the safety and health of both students and their families, Concordia Lutheran High School has instituted a program of random drug testing for all students. Parkview Health conducts and facilitates the CLHS drug testing program. Parkview Health requires parental consent forms to be submitted. Failure to consent to the drug testing program forfeits the families ability to attend CLHS. Parkview Health will randomly choose students to test, then conduct and process the tests. The student's initial test is completed at the high school via oral swab. If a student has an inconclusive test, a second test will be administered. This second test may be an oral swab or a urinalysis (All second test costs will be covered at the family's expense). Results of positive tests will be communicated home to families.  The purpose of the testing is two-fold. First, it is intended to serve as a deterrent to using these substances, keeping Concordia a safe/drug-free learning environment. Second, it is intended to alert parents and students of such use with the intent of addressing it early before it becomes a serious problem/addiction. If as a result of the drug testing a student indicates positive for one of the substances being tested, the following steps are taken: 

  1. The student and parent are contacted by the Principal or the Dean of Student Success. 
  2. To continue as a student at Concordia, the student: 
    1. Must meet for at least 3 sessions with our Cross Connections substance abuse counselor. One of the three sessions must be a family session. After the completion of the 3rd session, a meeting between the family, the counselor, and the administration will take place to determine if further action is needed. All counseling sessions with Cross Connections will be at the family’s expense. 
    2. Is placed on probation for one full calendar year during which time the student may be retested at any time.
    3. Is subject to any disciplinary action with regard to participation in extracurricular activities. 
  3. With no further positive tests during the 12 month probationary period, the student is removed from that status.
  4. A student may have further consequences in co-curricular/extra curricular activities, dependent upon those programs. 
  5. If a student tests positive for a second time during that 12-month probationary period, (s)he is immediately expelled from Concordia for the remaining semester, and remains suspended for one additional full semester. The student may return to Concordia following successful completion of an agreed-upon plan with the family and school. 

Concordia Lutheran High School does not tolerate those who introduce illicit drugs, alcohol, or intoxicants of any kind into the school setting. The school reserves the right to conduct random searches of student lockers and vehicles as a general deterrent to the possession of illicit drugs, alcohol or intoxicants of any kind. Specific searches may also be made on a student’s person, locker or vehicle if there is reasonable suspicion that a student is in possession of any of these substances. All searches are conducted by two members of the staff and may include the use of Fort Wayne/Allen County drug dogs and officers.  When there is reasonable suspicion (e.g. physical symptoms such as the smell of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, impaired motor skills and/or reliable  eyewitness reports) that a student is under the influence of illicit drugs, alcohol or intoxicants of any kind and that student denies any use, a breath-scan, saliva test, and/or urinalysis is utilized to determine whether or not the student has used any of these substances. Failure to cooperate in this testing constitutes an admission of guilt. Students found under the influence of or in possession of drugs, alcohol or intoxicants of any kind while on school property or while attending school functions are immediately referred to the school administration for disciplinary conference. At that conference further discipline may include suspension or expulsion.

Instruments normally considered as weapons or recreational weapons are not permitted on school property at any time. Violation of this rule results in the weapon being confiscated, the police contacted, and the student subject to suspension and possibly expulsion. Indiana State Law specifically states that guns and knives are not permitted on school property. Recreational weapons include but are not limited to air guns, paintball guns, water guns and realistic looking toy guns.

Any student proven to be involved and guilty of vandalism of property of Concordia Lutheran High School or the property of the faculty or staff of Concordia is subject to school discipline up to and including expulsion from school and is required to make restitution for the damage.

Should a student become pregnant, she must obtain a doctor’s statement and present it to the Dean of Student Success. If the doctor recommends that she remain in school, the school makes every effort to accommodate the student’s needs as requested by the doctor. The student may stay in school as long as her presence is not detrimental to the conduct of other students or to her personal health. Any student who fathers a child is expected to assume responsibility for the pregnancy and to cooperate with and support the mother and her family as they deal with the situation. He, too, may remain in school as long as his presence is not detrimental to the conduct of other students. As a Christian institution, Concordia recognizes and supports the sanctity of all life and provides counsel to its students and parents with that in mind.

Concordia Lutheran High School does not tolerate harassment or bullying of any person by any staff member or student. The term “harassment” includes but is not limited to slurs, jokes and other verbal, graphic or physical conduct relating to an individual’s sex, race, color, religion, age or handicap. The term “bullying” means overt, unwanted, repeated acts or gestures, including verbal or written communications or images transmitted in any manner, including cellular telephone, digital software, and/or other wireless communication devices, physical acts committed, aggression or any other behaviors, that are committed by a student or group of students against another student with the intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate or harm the targeted student and create for the targeted student an objectively hostile school environment that: 

  • Places the targeted student in reasonable fear of harm to the targeted student’s person or property;
  • Has a substantially detrimental effect on the targeted student’s physical or mental health;
  • Has the effect of substantially interfering with the targeted student’s academic performance;
  • Or has the effect of substantially interfering with the targeted student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, and privileges provided by the school.  

Retaliation against an individual who makes charges of harassment or bullying is likewise prohibited. Those guilty of harassment, bullying or retaliation meet with appropriate sanctions. Those individuals who believe that they have been the target of any type of harassment, bullying or discrimination should immediately report in confidence the conduct to any administrator or counselor. Following an investigation of the incident, appropriate action is taken.  Serious or repeated harassment or bullying results in suspension and possible expulsion; as well as participants may be required to participate in counseling or other educational services. It is the responsibility of all members of the Concordia Lutheran High School family (teachers, students, staff) to respect the rights, feelings, and sensitivities of others.

Students and Parents of Concordia Lutheran High School may further report incidents of bullying and cyberbullying to law enforcement when the incident occurs off of school grounds and includes any of the following crimes: Threats of violence, Child pornography or sending sexually explicit messages or photos, Taking a photo or video of someone in a place where he or she would expect privacy, and/or, Stalking and hate crimes. Further guidance for parents and students is found at:

Students should seek the permission of the teacher before using any personal electronic device. Teachers have the right to confiscate any item that is a distraction in the classroom. Confiscated items may require a parent to pick up from school. In order to protect students’ privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms, cell phones and communication devices may not be used in those spaces.

In a Christian setting, cooperation with faculty and staff for the  accomplishment of school and individual goals is a necessity. Any student who refuses to comply with a reasonable request of a teacher or staff member where such refusal constitutes an interference with school  purposes is subject to school discipline. If that refusal includes threatening or intimidating behavior, the student is subject to suspension and possible expulsion.

The public display of affection by couples is not considered to be proper in a school or school-related setting and should be limited to hand holding. While we understand the affection couples may want to share, we believe that the limiting of the amount of affection that can be shown publicly contributes to an attitude of respect for the rights and reputation of the individuals involved as well as the school community as a whole. Students who violate this guideline are referred to the Dean of Student Success for appropriate counseling or discipline if the behavior continues.