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School Regulations

Students may use book bags to carry their books and other possessions to and from school. However, all book bags must be left in the lockers during the school day.  The administration will determine what is a book bag and what might be, for instance, a purse.
Concordia reserves the right to restrict any dress or behavior which may be gang-related or related to any other group associated with illegal activities. This includes but is not limited to the wearing of gang/hate group colors, gang/hate group graffiti on clothing or books, gang-related tattoos, gang/hate group hand signals, and any behavior which through its association with gangs/hate groups is intimidating or threatening to others. The parents of any student acting or dressing in such a manner are contacted and appropriate changes are expected. Since gang/hate group activity is most often illegal and dangerous to the safety and well-being of all, any student who becomes a member of a gang or hate group and is so identified, is immediately dismissed from Concordia for the safety and well-being of the Concordia family.

The uniform dress code is in effect from the first day of school and at all times during normal school hours.  School hours start when the student enters the building before school until the student leaves the building after the school day or until the student is required to change clothes for an extracurricular activity.  During special events, certain portions of the uniform dress code may be amended as determined by the administration. During extra-curricular events, students are expected to dress neatly, modestly and in good taste. Any clothing which is determined to be disruptive or immodest may be restricted as determined by the school administration. Students are to avoid extremes in dress and conduct that would attract unfavorable attention to themselves and their school.  The Dean of Student Success has the final say in all student dress and appearance decisions.  Click here for information on purchasing uniform tops. 

  1. Pants: During school hours students are to wear black, navy, or tan pants which are neat and unmarked (no stripes, designs, etc.)  The pants should be made of cotton-twill material.  Pants made of denim, fleece, velour or athletic warm-up material are not allowed.  Pants must cover all undergarments.  A belt may need to be worn.  Tight fitting pants such as yoga, ‘tights’, leggings, running apparel may not be worn.  
  2. Shorts: Students may also choose to wear black, navy or tan shorts and capris.  Shorts and capris must be plain, hemmed (not cut-offs or frays), and approximately knee length.  Athletic shorts may not be worn.  
  3. Shirts: Students must complete their wardrobe by wearing an approved top with the Concordia logo that may be ordered through the main office. Colors available include maroon, white, grey and black.  Undershirts (short or long sleeved) must be tucked in and covered by the appropriate uniform top. Low-cut necklines for ladies will not be permitted, with T-shirt necklines suggested. Cardigans must be buttoned.
  4. Shoes: Students may wear dress shoes, athletic shoes, or dressy sandals (Birkenstock or leather style).  Beach attire flip flops (thin rubber style) and athletic slides may not be worn.
  5. Hats, bandanas, sweatbands and other head coverings are to be removed upon entrance to the building and are not to be worn at any time during the school day. Religious headdress is permitted.  
  6. Coats and other outdoor wear must be kept in the locker during the school day.
  7. Hair must be neat, clean and well-kept.  Highly unnatural, distracting hairstyles are not permitted. 
  8. Highly distracting jewelry or piercings are not permitted. Wallet chains, spikes, large chains and other jewelry or accessories determined as dangerous are not permitted. 
  9. On “Concordia Spirit Days”, students may wear a Concordia shirt from a school event, team, or group, with school uniform shorts or pants. Students who choose not to wear a school spirit shirt will be in school uniform. Athletic uniforms are not permitted to be worn on these days. Note: “Concordia Spirit Days” are not “free dress” days.

1st Offense - Warning: Must change into school uniform before returning to class.

2nd Offense - Detention: Must change into school uniform before returning to class.

3rd Offense - Saturday School: Must change into school uniform before returning to class.

A locker with combination lock is assigned to each student. The student should not give the combination to or share the locker with other students. The locker (inside and out) should be kept neat, clean, orderly and locked. The student is responsible for the condition of the locker and lock. A locker check for cleanliness will be conducted near the end of each semester. Students who do not return the lock in good condition at the end of the school year will be charged $5.00 for replacement.  Students may also be charged if the locker is not cleaned out or if there is any damage to the locker, including adhesive to the locker door at the end of each semester.  Any problems with the locker should be reported immediately to Student Services. Lockers remain the property of the school and may be opened and inspected by a school administrator.

Concordia provides a daily hot lunch program for purchase through the school’s cafeteria. Students may bring their own sack lunch, or have a parents deliver a packed lunch for their student, but food from outside vendors is not allowed and will be held in the office until the end of the day for pick-up. Exceptions for a special occasion must be cleared through the Dean of Student Success. 

Students may eat their lunch in the cafeteria, main hallway, auditorium lobby, student lounge, or music wing. Students may not eat in the library or academic hallways. After eating their lunch, each student should drop their trash in the proper receptacles throughout the eating areas. Common courtesy dictates that the table and eating area they used be left clean for those who follow. Failure to meet these requirements may result in a detention, Saturday School, or punishment deemed necessary by school administration.

Concordia has a closed campus lunch policy. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds for lunch, nor may they have visitors come into school during lunch.

Student lunch money may be deposited into a family cafeteria account.  Families may check the account balance online.  Students will be given a grace period if the cafeteria account has a deficit.  However, the school reserves the right to deny students lunch if the deficit is more than $15.00.  Students from families whose income is below certain levels are eligible for reduced price lunches.  Specific information regarding reduced price lunches is included with the registration information.  

School Nurse Policies: 

Driving to school is considered a privilege. The following regulations are for the welfare of all and must be followed. 

  • Students are not allowed on the parking lot anytime during the school day unless permission has been obtained through Student Services. Being in or near any car is considered a serious breach of school regulations. 
  • Students who arrive early are to enter the building immediately. There is to be no loitering in the parking lot. 
  • Each car must be registered with Student Services and must display a parking permit available from Student Services for the cost of $35.00 yearly and $20.00 per semester. It is transferable to any vehicle the student drives for the duration of the school year. 
  • Students are not to park in the spaces on the school side along Cadet Drive, in the parking lot along Cadet Drive and St. Joe River Drive or in the spaces behind the music wing. These are reserved for faculty, staff, and visitors. In the front lot spaces reserved for visitors and for handicapped are clearly marked and are not for student use. 
  • Excessive speed and unnecessary noise are prohibited. Keeping speed at or under 10 mph contributes to the safety of all. 
  • On days when after school band practice is held in the front parking lot, all students must vacate the marked area by 3:20 p.m. 
  • Students who violate these regulations are subject to a $20.00 fine, towing the vehicle at the owner’s expense, or loss of the driving privilege.
The school staff members are not permitted to call students from class to answer phone calls. Nor are students permitted to accept cell phone calls during school hours. Messages of an emergency nature are delivered to the student through the office of student services.
A student who wishes to bring a visitor to school must receive permission at least one day in advance. Generally, visitors are only allowed for recruitment purposes. The visitors are expected to conduct themselves according to all school regulations and policies. The host CLHS student is expected to accompany the visitor at all times.  Unauthorized persons are not permitted in the building. Visitors must report to the main office before entering other parts of the building. Friends who meet students after school are expected to wait outside in their cars. The halls and student lounge are for Concordia students only.
Parents initiate their child’s withdrawal from school by contacting the Principal to indicate their intention. The Principal may call a meeting with the family and the student’s counselor to discuss the withdrawal request. The student is issued a withdrawal form and it is the student’s responsibility to take this form to the teachers and various administrators to acquire the required signatures. Requests for transfer of records are not processed if fines, tuition or fees are outstanding, or if textbooks have not been returned, or if the withdrawal form has not been returned to the principal.