Student Schedule

Student Schedule for 2023-24

Concordia's student schedules are structured to improve our academic and community goals — creating a better learning environment for students.

Each day is assigned a letter, to designate the schedule for the day. A-E does not always mean Monday through Friday. Students and Parents may check the FACTS Family Portal for your daily class schedule.


  • More Theology Classes: More opportunities to learn about their faith, and their Lord Jesus Christ through direct instruction
  • Less frantic school day
  • Remove summer school requirements for students who choose a two 4-year elective tracks (Band/Choir, Band/JROTC, etc)
  • Allow for more academic choices
  • Longer class periods for more dedicated study and experiential learning
  • Allow for students to get the help they may need from their teachers during the regular school day


  • More opportunities to get involved in co-curricular pursuits
  • Build for future flexibility of schedule
  • Allow for appropriate breaks within the school day

We are working to address the above goals with the following schedule shifts:


With an 8-carrier schedule students have 8 classes per semester, earning up to 16 total (credits) per year.

This allows for 3 of our goals to be met:

  • We strongly believe that students deserve 8 full semesters of theology instruction. These courses will be both knowledge/wisdom based as well as addressing the important relational/interpersonal parts of faith.
  • Students who take multiple electives and/or are aiming for the Academic Honors Diploma will no longer need to take summer classes to fit everything in.
  • An 8-carrier schedule allows for students to pursue a greater variety of academic options.