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The CLHS Theology Department is called to train and equip students to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Classes teach students the theological history while helping them to apply it to their daily lives.

Portrait of a Graduate 

Graduates of the program will . . .

  1. Recognize Scripture as the Rule and Norm for Christian Living.
  2. Have Knowledge of Biblical Stories and Passages that Form our Understanding of Faith and Doctrine.
  3. Be able to Articulate and Defend the Christian Faith.
  4. Be Confident in the Salvation that Christ has Freely Given.
  5. Strive to Live a God-Pleasing Life.

Meet our Teachers

Classes Available

Old Testament
Anthropology  and Biblical Literature I

New Testament
Biblical Literature II and Genres of Literature

Church History
Topics in History
Comparative Religions
Theological Ethics
Elective courses (students must choose one)
Christian Leadership
History and Development of Music in Worship
Theology in Media