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Educational Travel

CLHS offers opportunities for travel with the World Language and Art Departments to England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Costa Rica.

Germany (German Classes)

Since 1985, CLHS has maintained a relationship with a school in Lüdenscheid, Germany. In odd years CLHS students travel there as a part of GAPP (German American Partnership Program), and in even years German students visit CLHS. CLHS students stay with host families and live like the German natives, experiencing the culture first hand and strengthening their language skills while also getting opportunities to travel and sightsee, and make new friends.

Costa Rica and Spain (Spanish Classes)

Students in the Spanish classes have the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and Spain. In odd numbered years the Spanish classes travel, alternating between the countries of Costa Rica and Spain. During the summer of 2015, students and parents traveled to Costa Rica. During Spring Break of 2017, the Spanish classes will be traveling to Spain.

Italy (Latin Classes)

Latin students and their families have the opportunity to travel to Italy to experience the Roman influence in modern Italy. Our next trip is over Spring Break of 2017, when we will be visiting Italy, Paris and London. Join us as we marvel at the history of Italy, bask in the romance of Paris and delight in the traditions of London. Contact Amy Holtslander for more information.

Europe (Art Classes)

During Spring Break 2015, the Art classes took their first trip to Europe, visiting England, France and Italy. In 2017, the Art classes will be traveling to France and Spain.