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The Reasons to Give

Check out these stories from our Alumni about the impact that their Concordia education had on their lives. 
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Charity Felton, 2017

Second Grade Teacher at First Lutheran School in Ponca City, Okla.

“Concordia Lutheran High School has played a large part in determining my success. Academically, my teachers prepared me for college classes with high expectations. More importantly, they taught me to take responsibility for my own work and goals. To me, success is using my academics, athletics, and other gifts to grow my faith and be a witness. It was during one of my theology classes at Concordia that I realized that faith was more than knowledge. It’s about engaging with knowledge, but responding with understanding. CLHS prepared me for this and throughout college I was able to talk with a variety of people, including classmates, professors, and friends. I am looking forward to seeing where else God leads me and how He continually prepares me for whatever lies ahead."

Kris Brownlee, 1996
National Recording Artist & Film Composer

“I remember teachers at Concordia really caring about their students. It really felt like they were really on your side, pushing you to succeed. ... Concordia also instilled in me some pretty solid core values that have stuck with me my entire life, especially integrity, accountability, honesty, and perhaps the greatest value of them all, servant leadership.”

Amy (Carter) Schultz, 1986
Director of Preschool and Mother's Day Out at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Preschool in Olathe, Kansas

“I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to attend CLHS, Lutheran elementary schools, and a Lutheran university! My positive experiences in education strongly influenced our family's decision to send our 5 sons to Lutheran schools. ... I thank God for the incredible teachers and staff who influenced my life as a Lutheran educator today!”

Bryan Conrad, 2003
Owner and Licensed Barber at Post Modern Barbershop Fort Wayne

“Paratroopers have a saying, ‘Life is too short to not be airborne,’ meaning life is too short to not take risks. Taking chances allows you to live a life without regret, but most of all train's the mind to lead without excuses. Having fewer excuses about why you didn't or couldn't do something, leaves you with more time for success. Failure is always easier to live with when you can say you gave your all. Take the chance!”

Tiffini Grimes, 2001
Deputy Athletics Director / SWA at the University of Alabama

“Being an alumna of Concordia Lutheran High School is not only an accomplishment that I wear as a badge of honor. ... No matter where we go in the world Concordia is always home and the relationships that you build during this time will stay with you for a lifetime!”

Tionna Williams, 2015
Professional Volleyball Player in Germany and CLHS Coach

“I would not be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for God. He gives me the strength to push through when I don’t think that I can go any further."