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Concordia's Table Tennis Club's membership is exploding with as many as 30 students participating at one time or another and a solid 20 showing up on a regular basis.

Encouraging the next generation

It has been my great honor to be able to teach a new course at Concordia this year titled, “Education Professions.” A partial description of the course, provided by the Indiana Department of Education course booklet, is: “Education Professions 1 provides the foundation for employment in education and related careers and prepares students for study in higher education. An active learning approach that utilizes higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes is recommended in order to integrate suggested topics into the study of education and related careers.”

Faculty Feature: Mr. Phil Brackmann

Mr. Phil Brackmann, a 2004 graduate, is the Dean of Student Success and the Head Boys Basketball Coach. His job is to help young minds make intelligent, logical, Christ-like decisions.


With the close of the fall semester, my senior career internship students reflected upon their experiences as they presented their final exam. The journey with their mentors over these past 18 weeks was filled with anxiety, anticipation, learning, experiences, discernment, fulfillment, relationship building, and more. Our conversations during their exam led to thoughts of moving on from CLHS to the next chapter of life. Transitions.

When it’s hard to pray

At Concordia, we pray with and for our students, and we teach them to pray through structured teaching on how to write a prayer in our theology classes and through modeling as we lead a group of students in prayer at the start of a class or in the context of an athletic or other event.

Sharing difficult news regarding a student

It is with heavy hearts today that we announce the passing of one of our students, junior Coralie Tiefel. Coralie passed away early yesterday morning at her home. The exact cause is unknown at this time.

The WORD Became Flesh

Hands down, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the carols, and the especially the Christmas cookies. I’ll stare at a nativity, wondering how and why this is the way God would deliver His Son. Christmas Eve worship with my church family is like a family reunion. And, there is nothing like sitting in my living room in front of our decorated tree, stockings hanging from the mantle, and the warm glow from the fireplace.
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