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Concordia honors top seniors

Concordia Lutheran High School honored 87 seniors tonight, April 18, with honors for their work in academic through department awards and scholarships. Students were also honored for receiving an Academic Honors Diploma at graduation.

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Brian Loesel

Mr. Brian Loesel is a Science Teacher and JV Boys Basketball Coach at Concordia. He was also named the Lutheran Education Association’s 2021 Outstanding New Lutheran Secondary Educator Award. Read more about his time at Concordia in our Q&A.

Growth this Spring

Spring is always a beautiful time. Forgotten bulbs send up their leaves. Perennials reemerge like faithful friends. Dry twigs send out fresh shoots.

Be Multilingual – or at least Bilingual

Americans tend to be “U.S.-Centric.” We like to think that we have it best, that we are the dominant world player, and all others need to conform to the U.S. … that we are the center of it all. Despite this centrist attitude, there are tremendous benefits in developing a level of fluency in a language besides English.

Rejoicing in Forgiveness

This week we prepare our to remember Jesus’ suffering and death for our sake on Good Friday. It is a somber day, one in which we reflect on our own sinfulness and our great need for redemption. It is a day in which we remember the mocking, scourging, taunting and torture that Jesus bore on our behalf. And yet, we can rejoice with quiet gratitude for the great love poured out upon us.

Team Handball: A break from the traditional sports

Each year in Boys Physical Education, I introduce students to “non-traditional” sports in an effort to expand their skill set and expose them to something new. I enjoy teaching units like this because the students usually start at a similar level. This means that we spend a lot of time on skill acquisition and tactics so we can play quality competitive games. Team Handball uses a lot of familiar skills so the focus in this unit tends to shift quickly towards teamwork and tactics.

Concordia announces fan and athlete policies for Spring Sports

Concordia Athletics has announced its Spring Sports Policy as it pertains to home events for fans. The policy will follow the status of the county (red, orange, yellow, and blue). Stages are based upon the Indiana Department of Health's county map and evaluated weekly.
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