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How are you serving?

Service. We often think that service has to be somewhere outside of our immediate lives and homes, but during the past 11 months, I think that we have all seen that service is definitely something we can do every day no matter where we are.

When 'Thank You' isn't enough

Recently, I was watching a documentary about American Forces fighting in Mosul, Iraq. This story got me thinking about this time of the year back in 2008 when Army Captain Rowdy J. Inman died serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Thankful that things aren’t changing

Well, 2020 is in the past, and 2021 is here and now. The dates have changed, but the world doesn’t seem to caught up. We still have problems, COVID-19 didn’t magically disappear, the weather is, well, Indiana in January, and it just doesn’t seem to most of us that things are changing.

CLHS Resume In-Person, On-Campus Learning on Monday, Jan. 11

Concordia Lutheran High School will resume in-person and on-campus classes on Monday, January 11, 2021. Monday, January 11 is an A Day with academic classes beginning at 8:40 AM. Please continue to practice CDC guidelines of wearing a face covering, hand hygiene, cleaning/disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and social distancing.

Updated Winter Sports Policies

Concordia Athletics has announced updates to its Winter Sports Policy as it pertains to home events for fans. The policy will follow the status of the county (red, orange, yellow, and blue), which is put forth by the state. Please click here to see the full policy.

CLHS Remote Learning January 5-8, 2021

Following the success in reducing the spread of the coronavirus within our school when conducting school remotely following the Thanksgiving holiday, and recommendation from the science and medical community, Concordia will conduct classes via Remote Learning the week of January 5-8, 2021.

A Road Trip

I drove my 87-year-old dad to Florida this past week. I really wasn’t looking forward to the 18 hours of his driving, but it needed to be done. Unfortunately over the years, while we haven’t drifted apart, we just haven’t spent any time together for the past twenty or so years. So, I packed the few things I could carry with me on my return flight, got into the car when I was ordered to and hoped for the best.

We Made it!

We Made it! I wonder if these words were ever uttered by Mary and Joseph as they came up on their end of their travels to Bethlehem? I wonder if the journey that they had been on was wearing them down, to the point where they were just happy to have a break! Perhaps the relief of getting to the destination was just filling up their hearts.
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