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Senior Timeline

Senior Timeline

1. Take or retake the SAT and/or ACT. Let us know if you don’t want your scores released.

2. Gather college admission applications and financial aid information. We have many applications in the Guidance Office. Come and look through the Scholarship File Box with Mrs. Vicky Geisler in the Main Office.

3. Talk to college representatives. Watch for emails about college visits (Daily Bulletin). The bulletin board by the cafeteria entrance is dedicated to college information. Keep an eye on the bulletin board to see who is coming. Sign up no later than the day before in the Main Office with Mrs. Geisler.

4. Make campus visits. Remember to get permission slips ahead of time from Student Services.

5. Complete applications and turn them in to the Guidance Office. First impressions are important, so complete the applications neatly.

6. December 1 - Deadline for getting applications to the Guidance Office. We suggest you apply to at least three schools. BE ALERT. The college may have an earlier application deadline. Pay attention to the dates on your materials.

7. Request a letter of recommendation from a coach, employer, teacher, etc.

8. Keep up to date with College Information.

Important Dates

Deadline for mailing college applications.
Attend FAFSA meeting
Apply for scholarships

Remind your parents to attend the FAFSA workshop

Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and mail it by March 10. Visit and apply for a pin number and complete the application. Parents should complete their income taxes before completing the FAFSA application.


Keep applying for scholarships



Make your final college choice.
Keep applying for scholarships.

Deadline for notifying colleges of your enrollment intentions.
The letter for end-of-the-year activities and Commencement details will go out in May.

May 27, 2018
Click here for more information about Commencement

Materials available in the Guidance Office

  • ACT/SAT registration and preparation booklets Index of Majors
  • The College Handbook
  • Peterson’s Guide
  • Transcripts - If Guidance receives an addressed, stamped envelope, there is no charge for graduating seniors, otherwise there is a $1 fee.
  • Scholarship File Box
  • Applications to most Indiana colleges and many out of state schools FAFSA information (late December / early January)