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Transfer Students

Transfer Students

(Grade 9, Second Semester and Grades 10 through 12)
A student desiring to transfer to CLHS is expected to present a positive record of academic performance and citizenship from the school he/she currently attends.

A completed Application for Admission, the Application Fee of $35 and a copy of the student’s birth certificate must be submitted to be considered for acceptance. Accompanying the application must be a copy of the student’s last standardized test scores (usually End of Course Assessment scores) and an unofficial transcript.


Students transferring to CLHS with less than a 2.0 grade point average must complete an interview with the principal. After reviewing all information, a determination will be made regarding admittance.

Students will select their academic courses in conference with a guidance counselor during a time arranged by the school.

All financial and other obligations to the student’s previous school must be completed prior to transferring enrollment to CLHS.

Parent(s) or guardian(s) and the student will be notified by CLHS when initial acceptance is granted. This notification of acceptance will normally be two to three weeks following receipt of all application materials and fee. A request for the release of school records will be sent by CLHS so that all official school records can be sent to CLHS.

A transferring student’s enrollment is not considered final until the above steps are completed.


Students wishing to participate in CLHS athletics are required to complete an Athletic Transfer form. This information is attainable through our Athletics Office at or (260) 969-6868.