Uniforms & Dress Code


All students at Concordia are required to wear a school uniform, which is ordered through our Uniform Shop. Make sure order for all seasons!
During the summer, orders must be received by July 30 to ensure that they will arrive before the start of school.
For the 2022-23 school year, we are pleased to announce students will be able to pick up their 2022/2023 uniform order the evening of orientation on August 3 and August 4! In order to do so, orders must be received no later than Friday, July 1. 
Click here to order uniforms online.
Uniform orders are mailed to the high school to be picked up. The front office will contact you when they are available. 
If you have questions about your uniform order, please contact Jeff Frazier, Receptionist, at [email protected] 
If you have any used uniforms that you would be interested in buying or donating, please contact Amy Holtslander at [email protected].
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Dress Code

A uniform shirt must be worn with approved uniform pants or shorts. No jeans are allowed. This is an overview of the dress code. For specifics, please visit this link under "Dress and Personal Appearance."
  • Shorts may be worn all year round. Cargo pockets are allowed.

  • Belt is not required but pants need to be around waist with no undergarments exposed

  • Polo shirts do not need to be tucked in

  • Birkenstock/other dressier sandals may be worn without a strap around the back

  • No rubber or other beach flip flops may be worn

  • Undershirts to pullovers/sweatshirts/cardigans do not need to be school polo. These can be any color but must not have any writing or graphics shown.

  • During school hours students are to wear black, navy or tan pants which are neat and unmarked (no stripes, designs, etc.)  The pants should be made of cotton-twill material.  Pants made of denim, fleece, velour or athletic warm-up material are not allowed.  Pants must cover all undergarments. Tight pants may not be worn.
  • On “Concordia Spirit Days”, students may wear a Concordia shirt from a school event, team, or group, with school uniform shorts or pants.. Students who choose not to wear a school spirit shirt will be in school uniform. Athletic uniforms are not permitted to be worn on these days.   Note: “Concordia Spirit Days” are not “free dress” days.