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Sports as a Reflection of Life

As Head JV Boys Basketball Coach, I have the privilege of working with sophomore and juniors on developing their skills and leadership abilities over the course of the next four months. The more I have transitioned from player to coach, the more I have come to realize that sports are a reflection of life.

A season of thanks

Concordia is a place that creates opportunities for students, parents, staff, and alumni to be connected and part of a community. As a CLHS parent and staff member, I’ve been blessed to experience this firsthand.

Learning from scratch

Greetings from the Culinary Arts and Fashion/Textile World! This year, Culinary Arts was Farm to Table. For fashion and textiles, I wanted the students to learn the basics of sewing, but also take a vested interest in making something usable and sustainable.

Positivity Messages

Intentional acts of kindness to others are at the core. Peer Ministry is about making friends, being a friend, and helping a friend. While others talk about ministry and faith, Peer Ministers learn to live the ministry in quiet, caring, and welcoming ways.

My Favorite Time of Year

Answering the question, “What is your favorite time of year?” has always caused me a bit of duress. I usually end up answering summer just because that is when I get to enjoy the most family time. The hotter temperatures and higher humidity, however, would not be my favorite.

Reflecting on Service Day

As a teacher of five sections of Anthropology (Old Testament), I would like to incorporate my weekly experiences with 115+ freshmen into this year’s Service Day Blog.

Alumni Spotlight: Paul Faulkner '99

Paul Faulkner, Class of 1999, is currently rehearsing for the production ELF: THE MUSICAL for the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre. He plays Mr. Greenway. Read more in our Q&A.
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