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CLHS helps 30 families through Christmas Bureau

For more than 40 years, Concordia Lutheran High School has been gathering and donating gifts to the Christmas Bureau for children in need. This year, 30 families (123 individuals in all) will benefit from the many donations from students, faculty and staff. Pillowcases were also made by students and volunteers and given to each one of the members of the families.
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Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who brings hope, forgiveness of our sins, and salvation to us. May the blessings of the Christ child be with you today and always.
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They Say Change Is Good!

The other day, a colleague, Andy Stout, forwarded an article written in Men’s Health that certainly made me re-read it a second time. Icing is no longer a correct response to an injury where swelling and inflammation is the body’s immediate response. R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) was a solid foundational skill taught in my Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries class at Concordia Nebraska. It has been a staple response by doctors, hospital personnel, school nurses, athletic trainers, coaches, dads, and moms since 1978.
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Bringing books to life for students

As an English teacher, it’s basically a given that I love books. I find books to be an opportunity to step into a new, unique world with people that intrigue me. Being a voracious reader, my mind is always quick to take the vivid descriptions of settings and character appearances and build a pretty good picture of what is happening.
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A 'Fresh' Perspective

Often, when I am in conversation with others, whether at church, some extra-curricular event, or perhaps an event like Discover Concordia Night, someone will ask “How’s the year going?” Since my life is heavily wrapped up in formal education, I often take a minute to reflect on the academic year, as opposed to the calendar year. This academic year in the Kaschinske household could possibly be summed up best as the “Year of the Freshman.”
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Season of Thanks

In this season of giving thanks for all that God has blessed us with, I often humm one of my favorite songs, All Good Gifts, from the musical Godspell.
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