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A Lot Has Changed in 18 Years

When I got my first classroom, I think it had a TV, VCR, CD player, an overhead projector and a clunky computer. I remember when our department got a digital camera for us all to share! This school was pretty progressive with the technology! How was I going to use it all!?

Keep dreaming

Look what our students and staff aspire to do if they knew they couldn’t fail.

Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Laura Bohnke

Ms. Laura Bohnke, a 2009 CLHS graduate, is a Science Teacher at Concordia. She also uses her amazing talents to write and direct plays on our stage and direct and cultivate Our Creator's Classroom.

Sign up for Summer Camps and Classes at Concordia

Concordia Lutheran High School is hosting summer camps for all ages this summer. Camps are offered for sports, drama, science, band, adventure, and more. Camps are open to any area student in grades K-12. Concordia is also offering summer classes for all area students in grades 8-12 (2020-21 school year).

Look Up More!

Theologians often pontificate on the vertical and horizontal components of the cross as a means to juxtapose justification and sanctification. Simply, the vertical beam encompasses how God relates to us and how we respond to Him. The horizontal is how we serve, interact, and relate to others.

Expanding the Brain through Games

The use of brain teasers and other puzzles is something I’ve found useful in developing those thinking skills. It seems like a fun little break from the daily routine of class, but in actuality, it’s so much more. Brain teasers improve cognitive abilities and sharpen the thinking process.

Jared continues to provide comfort

That mission is to utilize the relaxing nature of the Comfort Dog and bring a bit of stress relief and peace to people struggling with grief or disaster as well as rejoicing in those events that are uplifting. He also is an outreach tool to share God’s Word and pray with others.
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