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What years of giving means to our students

Nov. 3 and 4 were our Endowed Scholarship Luncheons. We had more than 90 donors and 200-plus students for lunch and sharing. The donors met the students their endowment supported. Students, hopefully, learned that financial aid doesn’t come from an ATM or a benign being but from a real person who truly is interested in their success in life.

An Important Day

Happy Reformation Day! October 31, 1517, is a day that many, if not all, Protestants remember and appreciate.

Why get involved?

I am the mother of four children, and my oldest is a senior here at CLHS. Having a senior is the beginning of the “next” parenting phase. This phase is where we encourage (somewhat reluctantly) our child to begin preparing for adulthood.

God’s plan all along

Upon graduating from Concordia Lutheran High School in 2001, I was saying goodbye to four amazing years filled with great friendships, wonderful experiences, and a passion for my school and everything it stood for. I was sad to leave but ready for the next chapter. Little did I know that nearly 15 years later God’s plan would lead me back to the place I was proud to call home during my high school years.

Prevention key with Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease

High schools in the area have been seeing an upswing in Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. While this is most often seen in young children, it is a mild, self-limiting viral disease that we can all catch.

Concordia Lutheran AJROTC Upsets Douglas MacArthur AJROTC

Shooting their highest score of the season Concordia Lutheran AJROTC upset Douglas MacArthur AJROTC 1329 to 1290 last week in the National Air Rifle League. Concordia Lutheran AJROTC was able to win despite averaging 27 points lower than Douglas MacArthur AJROTC coming into this game.

Journey of Discover

When I first arrived at Concordia Lutheran High School in the summer of 2012, my family and I were so touched by the wonderfully supportive welcome we received.

Junior in the classroom, sophomore on the court

The life of a student athlete is often one of chance and daily defeating the odds set before them. College athletes in particular must work hard to excel in the classroom and court. Concordia alumnus and IUPUI basketball star DJ McCall is doing just that.
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