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Demonstrating Christ’s love

Recently, Concordia Lutheran High School hosted Grandparents Day and the Maroon & White Alumni Brunch. These days were filled with celebration, joy and pride by many who hold Concordia dear in their hearts.

Reading suggestions from some budding sociologists

The first day of school, I asked my junior and senior sociology students to tell me what they thought the discipline was. They were much better at telling me what it wasn’t: psychology, anthropology, archaeology or any “hard” science like chemistry or biology.

Concordia welcomes 10 new students to Honors Academy for 2016

Concordia Lutheran High School welcomes 10 new students into the Honors Academy this fall. In its third year of existence, the program has grown from 11 original students to now 39. The new students are Natalie Asher, Megan Bordner, Chloe Didier, Erica Judt, Dever Kemme Nash, Alaina Marks, Liam McCurdy, Mason Pickett, Olivia Schuller and Regan Twomey.

Welcome to a new school year

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! May this school year be filled with excitement and blessings as we grow in faith, intellect and community.

Information about the Concordia Clinic

A new school year is always exciting, new uniform shirts, new shoes, new friends, and re-connecting with old friends, but sometimes we get hurt in sports practice, overheated in marching band, have anxiety, get headaches, a bad day for our asthma or allergies, or some days we just do not feel great! Maybe you need to check your blood sugar or take medications on a regular basis. These are all reasons to visit the Concordia Clinic.

What we did this summer…

School is back in session, and the teachers are back in the classroom. So, we decided to ask our teachers: What did you do this summer? Here is a little look into the lives of our teachers — outside the classroom.
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