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Concordia Scholars Information & Application

Concordia Scholars

Open to Incoming 9th Graders
Exemplifying Concordia’s best and brightest, the Concordia Scholar receives up to $2,500 per year as an academic scholarship. This student is academically exemplary and demonstrates integrity and good character not only at school but also in the church, home, and community. A Concordia Scholar must maintain a 3.50 or higher GPA at Concordia, remain in good standing with tuition payments, and maintain a record of positive behavior. This scholarship renews automatically providing the student continues to fulfill its requirements.

To Apply (Invitation Only Scholarship)

Only students that have applied and are accepted to Concordia by December 15, 2023 will be reviewed for the first round of the application process. Students that are being invited to apply will be sent an application in January. Applications are then reviewed by the Concordia Scholar Committee. The three Concordia Scholars are announced in March.
A Concordia Scholar becomes an ambassador for Concordia Lutheran High School, connecting others to Concordia through volunteer activities, and participating in special educational opportunities. Concordia pledges to support its Concordia Scholars with special opportunities for sharing and learning, recognition during the student’s years at CLHS, and a continued relationship with Concordia after graduation.

Current and Past Recipients

Graduation Year
Hannah Bryan
Ian Leighty
Ella Stuff
Paige Brindle
Beata Peperkorn
Megan Slack
Evan Gerig
John "Jack" Habegger
Jeremiah Thom
Elisse "Ellie" Walters
Abigail Scheiderer
Alexa Panning
Alexander Jones
Dakota Hitzemann
Maxwell Park
Keller Whicker
Isabelle Smith
Michael Habegger
Elizabeth Gatchell

Caleb Goodwin


Mallory Hockemeyer


Madeline Tom


Natalie Asher


Alexa Ehle


Hunter Ehle

Kerrin Kramer
Madelyn Nix
Jordan Reining
2018 Benjamin Loshe
  Elizabeth Hetler
  Andrew Amstutz
2017 Audrey Kruse
  Hannah Martin
  Gabriel Kramer
2016 Addison Gepfert
  Shelby Senger
2015 Erin Kuker
  Emily Zilz
  Kayla Stellwagen
2014 Jon Poore
  Jacob Amstutz
  Jonathon NaThalang
2013 Andrew Koelper
  Andrew Moore
  Daniela Moeller
2012 Terra Bandor
  Gwen Berning
  Katharina Janzen
2011 Austin Germann
  Hannah Horstmeyer
  Michael Starks
2010 Abbey Gerke
  Brian Klickman
  Abigail Wetzel
2009 Laura Buuck
  Rachel Noyes
2008 Ben Berning
  Katherine Olson
  Alex Youngman
2007 Seth Boyd
  Theodore Hoham
  Laura Mews
  Elizabeth Spira
2006 Ashley Barnholt
  David Niblick
  David Zilz