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Payment Plans and Fees

To attend CLHS, a student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) must sign an enrollment contract that specifies the payment option and personal responsibilities. Contracts will be emailed to students before the start of the next school year. 

In the event that any payment is returned for NSF, a $30 will be charged.

School Fees

Materials & Technology Fee 

The Materials and Technology Fee covers the estimated annual costs of student data processing, textbooks, workbooks, lab and classroom materials, technology costs and replacement, and drug testing. It also helps support a state-of-the-art wireless data communication network, four portable MacBook labs, the student database software, expanded software licensing, and four staff with part-time IT support assignments.

Due in full at registration: $725 

Application Fee

One-time fee paid at the time of initial application and is non-refundable: $35

Graduation Fee

For seniors only. Included in payment plans: $120

Parking Fee

Students who drive to school must obtain a parking pass to display in their front window. This pass is available from Student Services: $35. Parking passes must be renewed each school year.

Payment Options

Tuition and Fees must be paid online through SMART, which accepts debit card or major credit card or you can set it up through your bank account. SMART charges a modest fee. Funds are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on either the 1st or 20th of the month. If tuition is paid in full or by semester, that fee is waived. Payment methods are set unless other arrangements are made with the Business Office. To see your SMART Tuition balance, log into your OnCampus account and click "SMART Tuition" on your Resource board under the Parent persona. 

Full Pay Option

You may pay any balance of any tuition and fees in full at any time. If you pay your balance in full in July or August, you will receive a 2% discount on the tuition portion of the balance.

Semester Pay Option

You can split the balance of tuition by paying half in August, and half in January, both through SMART.

Monthly Pay Options

A monthly payment plan is available from SMART. They have three plans:

  • 10-month plan (August – May)
  • 11-month plan (July – May)
  • 12-month plan (June – May)


Concordia Lutheran High School offers multiple opportunities to make the school affordable for all families. Options include: 
  • Sallie Mae K-12 Education Loan. Loan period 1-20 years at interest rate determined by your credit rating. Website: School Code 606955.
  • Your Tuition Solution Loan. Loan period 1-5 years at interest rate determined by your credit rating. Website:
Parents may make an initial down payment to CLHS to reduce the total amount financed by one of the options.