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Brackmann named Head Boys Basketball Coach

Phil Brackmann has been named the head basketball coach for Concordia Lutheran High School.

Brackmann, the Dean of Student Success at Concordia since 2016, was an assistant coach of three sports (basketball, baseball, golf) at Churubusco High School for five years before coming to Concordia in 2013. He taught math and was the assistant basketball coach at Concordia for two years before assuming his current role as the Dean of Student Success.
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Beauty As A Chalice

Everyone across pretty much all time and cultures will agree that some things are beautiful. Everyone agrees regardless of background that beauty, as an abstract concept, exists. I think I’ve made my point that everyone says there is beauty, but have you ever tried to define it? What is beauty? What makes something beautiful? To make things more complex, if we manage to nail down something of a definition of beauty what is beautiful to us may be ugly in another time and place, and vise versa.
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In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye, one day you wake up and you realize — where did time go? As we grow older, we look back on past memories or experiences and realize how fast time truly does go. We then start to wonder ... Have we really made an impact the way we’ve always wanted?
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Many Gifts of the Spirit

Five days a week I stand in front of, and among, different groups of students teaching them how to conjugate verbs, pronounce vocab words, and eventually put it all together to form logical thoughts in Spanish, through writing and speaking. We discuss holidays in Spanish-speaking countries, food, and how words differ from country to country. I enjoy the Spanish language and culture! However, there are many students who don’t.
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