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A Summer Challenge

Although that relaxation and growth is important, it is also just as important (more important) to grow in our faith. I challenge all of you (including myself) to take time to delve deeply into God’s word.
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Another Great Year in the Books

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 for their graduation from Concordia Lutheran High School. Many thanks to the worship leaders, speakers, instrumentalists, and A Cappella Choir for their participation in our June 2 Graduation service. God’s blessings to each of our graduates and their parents as they continue their walk with Christ in their next and exciting steps. As Principal, I have the honor of seeing the huge smile of each graduate when they hear their name announced and walk across the stage to receive their diploma. A smile of joy and satisfaction of what they have accomplished is well earned and celebratory.
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JROTC Awards

At the end of the school year, many JROTC cadets were recognized for their hard work and leadership this past school year. The full list is linked in the document below.
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Never Goodbye

At the end of the school year, I tell my students the Hawaiian phrase “A hui hou kākou” (said to a group of people), to which they are taught to respond, “A hui hou” (said to a single person). Roughly, the first phrase translates to “Until I see you all again” or “until we meet again.”  In Hawaii, we do not just say “goodbye” as if our time together has ended. There is always hope in the goodbye. Hope that we will again cross paths, hope that we will grace each others’ lives again, hope that we will have a shared future.
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Teaming Up to Save Butterflies

Through teamwork, communication, and perseverance the members of the Spanish Club, Gardening Club, environmental science classes, upper level Spanish classes, and community volunteers have began groundwork in creating a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. An area in the outdoor space on our campus (the Our Creator’s Classroom) is being transformed into a beautiful garden filled with milkweed, nectar plants, crushed granite, and other things necessary for monarchs to thrive.
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Reaching Out and Creating Enduring Bonds

Unsurprisingly, as a chemistry teacher I spend a lot of time talking about chemical bonds. While I may find this fascinating, I fully understand that many of my students and many of you readers find this topic significantly less interesting. However, as a teacher and a child of God, I think it is important that we all spend time cultivating connections with those with whom we daily interact.
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A beloved Concordia icon retires after 42 years

The cast of Concordia faculty will be losing one of its most colorful characters at the end of the 2018-19 school year. Christopher Gieschen will be retiring after 42 years of teaching with Concordia. Despite his retirement, Gieschen will be remembered for his devotion to teaching, to God and to Concordia.
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