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Sharing my passion for technology education

Every year I have the honor of writing this blog which means every year I have an opportunity to share my passion for technology education with you. The really cool thing about this is I have an endless supply of material and examples of why tech ed has such great growth potential and it only increases daily.
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Additional Remote Learning Dates

CLHS has made a few school calendar adaptations to start this school year, including bell schedules, the elimination of E day, and the use of Remote Learning days on August 21, and August 28. Realizing a number of benefits from the two Remote Learning days in August, Concordia will continue to exercise Remote Learning days on Friday, September 18, and Friday, September 25. We will continue to evaluate our current practice of four-days on campus and a fifth day off-campus through the month of September.
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Preparing for our One-Act Play

Rehearsal for this year’s One-Act play, "Black Sheep Records," begins with giddy chatting as students move classroom desks away from each other to create our stage space. Giggles permeate masks. Scripts rustle as we each find the right page.
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Notification of security incident through Blackbaud

Over the summer, an incident occurred through Blackbaud where data may have been compromised. Our Blackbaud system is used to manage information on our Concordia Lutheran High School students, parents, alumni, donors, and friends of the school. Information includes demographic and financial information as well as giving histories.
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'Resounding Praise'

Our marching show will look a little different. We will be scaling back our show and using different music, but we will still have lots of movement and choreography. Having a non-competitive season will help us focus on sharing the value of music with our Fort Wayne community, all the while showing the resilience of music and the arts under any circumstances.
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