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Making Art

As the year draws to an end, the Art room is a flurry of activity. Our AP students are feverishly finishing portfolios to send off to the College Board for judging. AP students spend the entire year answering an essential question of their choosing; the topic can be anything they would like, but they must investigate that topic through their artwork. Students connect the processes and materials they use in their artworks to the idea they are exploring.

Concordia's A Cappella Choir to compete at State

The A Cappella Choir from Concordia Lutheran High School is headed to the 2022 Indiana Choir State Finals! They were selected from qualifying regional contests as one of the top 16 choirs in the state of Indiana! They will compete in the State Finals Choir Championships at Pike High School in Indianapolis on Saturday, May 7. Concordia’s performance time is 3:10pm.


When Environmental Science is what you teach, every day is Earth Day. Every day is a day to tend to the plants in the greenhouse, gather litter that’s blown up against the Our Creator’s Classroom fence, give feedback on students’ article reflections, find a pertinent video about a career that overlaps with the environment to increase relevancy for students, research current statistics to keep notes up to date, and refine class activities to make the most of every moment. And it’s fitting that every day feels like Earth Day because every day is a day that we impact the earth.

Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Kelly Beverly

Mrs. Kelly Beverly is an English Teacher at CLHS. Having started at CLHS in 2018, she teaches English literature. She also has two students attending Concordia.

Driver's Education at CLHS

Concordia Lutheran High School offers a state-approved driver education online course as well as an approved driving course. There are two instructors who are certified and registered with the Indiana BMV. If you want to participate in Concordia Lutheran High School’s Driver Education program, there are several steps to complete the task.
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