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Cadet honored with Legion of Valor Cross

JROTC Cadet Mitchel Scott, a senior at Concordia Lutheran High School, was recognized today, Oct. 26, with the prestigious Legion of Valor Cross for Outstanding Achievement in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Program.

From the Principal-October 2015

Amen Doesn’t Mean Goodbye…

When I was growing up and learning about prayer, I imagined my time with God as a brief conversation. I would close my eyes and bow my head, and talk to him, about all kinds of stuff. When we prayed together as a family, I imagined all of us sitting there, talking to God, whether it was at dinner time, before bed, or during a “family meeting” when we talked about big events occurring in the family. Each time, when I, or whomever was praying, said, “Amen”, I would open my eyes and it felt as if I was saying, “Goodbye” to God, until next time I prayed. Actually, I remember thinking as I grew up, that Amen must have meant “goodbye for now”…

From the School Nurse - October 2015

Do I have a great deal for you!!! Your student and your family (age 11 and up) can get a Flu Shot at Concordia Lutheran High School for FREE! We offer you the convenience of not having to fit one more thing into your and your student’s schedule.

772 students to volunteer during Service Day

Concordia's entire body (all 772 students) will take to the streets on Friday, Oct. 9 to give back to the community. CLHS' annual Service Day is one of the many ways that we use to instill a servant's heart in our students.

Join us for Alumni Weekend

Alumni Weekend was a great success last year, and we want to see even more of our CLHS family join in on the fun this year. We are building on the tradition of the Friday night Homecoming football game and creating a whole weekend of fun for all alumni, students, parents, grandparents and friends of CLHS. Find all of the details at

The lives of teachers during the summer break

School is back in session, and the teachers are back in the classroom. So, we decided to ask our teachers: What did you do this summer? Here is a little look into the lives of our teachers — outside the classroom.
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