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The lives of teachers during the summer break

School is back in session, and the teachers are back in the classroom. So, we decided to ask our teachers: What did you do this summer? Here is a little look into the lives of our teachers — outside the classroom.

From the School Nurse - August 2015

A new school year is always exciting – new uniform shirts, new shoes, new friends, and re-connecting with old friends, but sometimes we get hurt in sports practice, overheated in marching band, have anxiety, get headaches, a bad day for our asthma or allergies, or some days we just do not feel great! Maybe you need to check your blood sugar or take medications on a regular basis. These are all reasons to visit the Concordia Clinic.

From the Principal - August 2015

Welcome back! What an exciting time of year for us here at CLHS where we gather again as a community to journey through another school year. We’ll have some new faces, whether that is a new freshmen class of students, some new transfer students, new faculty or new staff, God has brought us together again for the purpose of Christ-centered education.

Meet the 2016 Auction Chairs

We are excited to announce our 2016 Cadets in Cadence co-chairs! This year we have three couples working together to create another amazing event to help support Concordia and our students. Meet and welcome our 2016 Cadets in Cadence co-chairs.

The Lutheran Foundation awards grants to help area students

The Lutheran Foundation has awarded nearly $200,000 to help local Lutheran school students, including those at Concordia Lutheran High School. A $185,000 grant has been given to Concordia to help supplement financial aid to families who come to Concordia.

From the Principal - March 2015

I love my kids. Those of you reading this that have children of your own, know exactly what I mean. You know what it is like to walk alongside your kids, through thick and thin, and love them no matter what. Even if you don’t have children of your own, you may have a spouse, significant other, pet, etc., that you just love, and there can be no mistaking it. It’s hard to put into words what that means, and sometimes we can even have trouble knowing exactly how to express it, but we just know it is there.
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