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Elementary Band & Strings

Elementary Band & Strings

The Lutheran Elementary Band & Strings program involves more than 200 students from 11 of our Lutheran schools including:

  • Ascension (Band & Strings)      
  • Concordia (Band & Strings)                            
  • Emmanuel-St. Michael (Band & Strings)
  • Emmaus (Band & Strings)          
  • Lutheran South Unity (Band & Strings)
  • St. John-Emmanuel (Band)           
  • St. John, Kendallville (Band & Strings)    
  • St. Paul (Band)     
  • St. Peter's (Band & Strings)                        
  • Suburban Bethlehem (Band & Strings)     
  • Wyneken, Monroeville (Band)

The third through eighth grade students meet during the school day to rehearse music for concerts, and they also receive small group lessons on their instruments.

To register, visit

Registration opens April 28, 2022 for the 2022-23 school year. 

The students are placed into three different bands, beginner, intermediate and advanced, based on their grade and experience level. The students combine their talents and rehearse together at Concordia Lutheran High School to prepare for and perform three concerts in November, March and May. Intermediate and advanced students perform in an Arts Festival in the spring that also takes place in the Concordia Lutheran High School Gym.

For questions, please contact Director of Bands, Jennifer Porath, at [email protected]


Who can participate in the Elementary Band & Strings program?
Students in 3-8 grade at the above participating schools. 
How long does the program run? 
The program is offered 2 days a week (or 3 days a week at Concordia Elementary). It begins in August and runs through the end of the school year. 
What happens if my student is absent or school is cancelled?
Just like when school is cancelled or when your student is absent, fees will continue to be paid for all programs. 
What if my student wants to drop out of the program?
All drops must be made by October 15, 2022, for the fall semester, and by January 15, 2023, for the spring semester. Otherwise, all fees must be paid for the full semester/year. 

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