Enrollment FAQs

Enrollment FAQs

The transition to high school is an exciting time for students and families. But oftentimes, lots of questions come along with it. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from prospective students (and their parents).

What dates should I know about in the admissions process? 

There are a lot of big dates in the process, including open houses and other opportunities to see the school. Please click here to see all dates. 

My child did not attend a Lutheran middle school. Will that make a difference in fitting in?

We have many students who enroll as freshmen from public and other middle schools. In addition, we have numerous transfer students in the upper classes that enroll each year. We make special efforts to assimilate new students to the Concordia community. Our experience is that students find their place and make friends. While that transition happens differently for each student, our peer ministers (students trained in helping other students) assist in helping new students make Concordia THEIR high school. Our current students would give the best testimonial in this regard.

A Lutheran high school education seems “sheltered” from the real world. Is it?

In many ways, it is difficult to imagine any high school in America sheltering teenagers from the real world. They all watch TV, listen to music, play video games, and face difficult choices every day. YES, we do our very best to keep evil and negative forces out of the daily life of school and activities. By no means are our students perfect, nor is Concordia a perfect place. We teach what life could, should, and ought to be, and we intentionally teach Christian values. We also recognize the reality of drugs and alcohol, and require every student and staff member to be a part of the random drug-testing program. When problems arise (and they do in every high school), we respond by confronting the wrong or improper behavior, expecting students to be accountable, and we also proclaim God’s forgiveness. We want kids to turn from evil and to pursue righteousness.

Is education at Concordia at the same level of quality as our best public high schools?

YES! Our track record of academic and personal achievement is outstanding. Graduates regularly and consistently testify to the value of their academic preparation at CLHS. Our standardized test scores are as high or higher than the public high schools. Academic preparation is valued and expected among the students at Concordia! It is the norm, not the exception to the rule! Check our academic course booklet for detailed information. Better yet, ask our graduates who attend all of Indiana's prestigious universities but also top universities all across the country.

We are not Lutheran. Will that make a difference?

Many of our students are not Lutherans. While we do not apologize for teaching the distinctive teachings of the Lutheran (LCMS) church (click here to read our Statement of Faith), we also seek to make students feel at home in Concordia's environment. We do not pressure Christian students to become Lutherans. Rather, we seek to respect differences and encourage all students to be part of the school’s Christian community and grow in the Christian faith. Our recruitment efforts include intentional outreach to students from other Christian churches.

Does Concordia have activities for students not involved in Fine Arts or Athletics?

YES. One of the strengths of CLHS is the variety of activities available beyond the academic program. The JROTC leadership development program offers an outstanding experience for students in all grades. The Media Arts program (television production) is an area of high interest among many students. Activities include Student Council, service opportunities, yearbook, and many other organizations in which students can participate (see the full list). Students at Concordia are involved. Stop by Concordia after school or even in the evenings and you will find students and teachers engaged in many worthwhile activities. We support those activities and believe they provide a well-rounded experience for young people.

When do we sign our Enrollment Contact and get our books?

Enrollment Contracts are sent out in May/June every year. This is for your paperwork needed for the following year as well as your payment plan. During our Back-to-School Open House, you will pick up your student's books, locks and get their school picture taken, along with picking up other materials. This is all a part of the Registration process. Students do scheduling at Freshmen Scheduling Night (usually in late February or early March). 

When does school start?

The first day of school for the 2021-22 school year is 8 a.m. August 10, 2021. This is a chapel schedule day. To see the full Academic Calendar, click here

When and what is New Student Orientation?

This is the first day of school for freshmen and transfer students. It’s a time for you to meet your classmates and your teachers. You will find your classrooms and follow an abbreviated class schedule. This year’s Orientation is 8 a.m. to noon on August 9, 2021. 

What is the Freshman Retreat?

This is a time to bond with your classmates! We travel up to Quaker Haven Camp for a day (August 20, 2021 during school hours) of games, activities and great food to help you get to know other freshmen and your teachers. 

How do I find out about athletic tryouts?

To try out for athletic teams, you must have a completed physical exam from your family physician or other medial provider. Contact the Athletics Office at athletics@clhscadets.com or via phone at (260) 969-6868 for specific tryout information.

What school supplies should I purchase?

You will need a TI84 calculator and a Device, like an iPad, MacBook or Chromebook (click here to see the requirements). You will be given a list of any other supplies needed by each teacher during the first day of classes.

When do I receive my books?

You will receive the books you need for the first semester at the Back-to-School Open House as a part of the Registration process. 

When will I have my locker?

You will receive your student's lock and locker assignment at the Back-to-School Open House as a part of the Registration process. 

How can I keep up on my student's academic progress?

Concordia uses an online program called OnCampus to track academic progress. Parents will use the OnCampus password that you used during your Admissions process. Students will receive their email and be able to set up their OnCampus at the Back-to-School Open House as a part of the Registration process. 

How does the lunch program work? 

We offer hot and cold options. Through the National Lunch Program, students receive free lunch and breakfast at Concordia. Click here to learn more and to see how the lunch account works.