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Technology » Setting Up Your Device

Setting Up Your Device

Before using your device at school you will want to have it prepared and ready to go. Before continuing with device set-up be sure you know your Concordia Username and Concordia Email address:


CLHS Username: The last 2 of graduation year + first initial + last name (NO spaces, hyphens or apostrophes)
    • Example: If Katie Madison-Storm graduates in 2024 her CLHS username would be 24kmadisonstorm

CLHS Email: CLHS email address is the CLHS Username +
    • Example: Katie Madison-Storm's CLHS username is 24kmadisonstorm so her CLHS email address would be

CLHS Default Password for all registration is (all lowercase): cadets1234   


Step 1: Run All System Updates

From the home screen, touch -> settings -> general -> Software Update

Finder -> Applications -> App Store -> Update

Step 2: Know Your Account Information

To install apps on your MacBook/iPad, you will need an AppleID, non-Apple products might need a Google account, Microsoft account, etc.

Step 3: Name Your Device

If your device is ever misplaced and needs to be located on our network it is critical that you know the device name.

From the home screen, touch -> settings (Gear icon) -> General -> About -> Name -> Enter your CLHS username

System Preferences (Gear icon) -> Sharing -> In the Computer Name box enter your CLHS username

Step 4: Know Your Device MAC (aka WiFi) Address

Should you misplace your device at Concordia the MAC Address is critical for locating it on our network. Please note this address and keep this someplace accessable (not on your device) in case you need help finding it.

From the home screen, touch -> settings (Gear icon) -> General -> About - You will want to note the Wi-Fi Address
iPad WiFi Address


Apple icon (upper left corner of screen) -> System Preferences -> Network -> select WiFi -> Advanced button -> Hardware tab - You will want to note the MAC Address


Sign into Chromebook -> WiFi icon 
No network (lower right corner of screen) -> Information iconInformation - You will want to note the Wi-Fi Address (Not the IP Address)
Chromebook MAC Address

Step 5: Join a WiFi network

Once you get to Concordia, go to your WiFi settings and select the Student network