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One-to-One Technology » Setting up your iPad

Setting up your iPad

Device Preparation

Before using your iPad at school you will want to have it prepared and ready to go.

Step 1: Know Your Concordia Username, Email & Password

  • CLHS Username: The last 2 of student graduation year + student first initial + student last name without hyphens.
    • Example: If Katie Madison-Storm graduates in 2024 her CLHS username would be 24kmadisonstorm

  • CLHS Email: CLHS email address is the CLHS Username +
    • Example: Katie Madison-Storm's CLHS username is 24kmadisonstorm so her CLHS email address would be
    • NOTE: CLHS student email accounts are removed two years after graduation
  • CLHS Password for all registration is: cadets1234   

Step 2: Run All System Updates

From the home screen, touch -> settings -> general -> Software Update

Finder -> Applications -> App Store -> Update

Step 3: Know Your Apple ID

To install apps on your MacBook/iPad, you will need an AppleID

Step 4: Name Your Device

If your device is ever misplaced and needs to be located on our network it is critical that you know the device name.

From the home screen, touch -> settings (Gear icon) -> General -> About -> Name -> Enter your CLHS username

System Preferences (Gear icon) -> Sharing -> In the Computer Name box enter your CLHS username

Step 5: Join a WiFi network

If you are at home with a Wi-Fi connection, skip this step. If you are at Concordia, from the home screen touch  settings (Gear icon) -> WiFi -> Open

Step 6: Verify Your CLHS Email

  1. From the home screen, touch -> Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> Add Account -> Exchange
  2. Fill in the fields
    • Email: Enter full Concordia email address
    • Password: Enter default password
    • Description: CLHS Email
    • Press Next
    • Server:
    • Leave Domain Blank
    • Username: Enter full Concordia email address again
    • Press Next
    • Press Save
  3. You will be taken back to the Email settings page, once there touch the CLHS Email account you just created
  4. Touch Mail Days to Sync and set to No Limit
  5. Wait a minute or so then launch the Mail app ensuring you receive Concordia email
  6. Change your default email password (read further down in this tutorial)
  1. Launch your favorite web browser
  2. Go to
    • Username: Enter full Concordia email address
    • Password: Enter default password
  3. Change your default email password (read further down in this tutorial) 

Step 7: Install Meraki System Manager

  1. Go to
  2. Press the register button
  3. Install Profiles by touching Install, Trust, Done, Install as prompted (you might need to enter your screen lock passcode)
  4. Wait until you are prompted to enter your Apple ID Cradentials
  5. Enter your Apple ID Credentials to install required Apps - you will be prompted to install numerous apps
When you return to Concordia (assuming off-site registration), touch settings (Gear icon) -> WiFi-> clhsStudent and you will be joined to the Concordia network
  1. Click this link:
  2. Click the Register button
  3. Download and run (double-click) the configuration file
  4. You will be prompted for your Username & Password - This is your Mac login credentials
  5. There will be a series of three Install windows - click through them until the profiles window shows Meraki Management and Student Settings installed...wait a minute for the Student Settings to appear (see image below)
  6. When you are at school, check your wi-fi connection and ensure you are connected to the student network
                                              Profile Window

Step 8: Launch Systems Manager App (iPad Only)

  1. Touch Systems Manager app on your Home Screen
  2. Touch OK on Allow notifications
  3. Touch Enable on the Enroll in Systems Manager box
  4. Touch Allow
Across the bottom of Systems Manager you will see an Apps icon. Touch it to view the list of all school apps. Critical apps will have been installed for you during device enrollment. Class-specific apps can be installed at teacher request.

Step 9: Add Student Calendar to Your Calendar

  1. Launch Google Calendar app
  2. Login using you CLHS email address and password
  3. Click to add the calendar

Step 10: Bookmak Moodle & onCampus (MacBook Only)

  1. Launch your favorite web browser
  2. Moodle: Go to and bookmark the page (varies by browser)
  3. onCampus: Go to and bookmark the page (varies by browser)

Step 11: Complete onCampus Setup and Change Email Password

That's It, your device is ready for school!!!  All that's left is to scroll down to onCampus and Change Email Password and you're done.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Scott Storm at 483-1102 ext. 214 or email