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Choosing A Device

No matter what device you use, it should meet these requirements:

  • Have at least 64 GB of storage available
  • Have at least 8 GB of RAM
  • Have an 8 hour battery life
  • Have WiFi connectivity

Windows11 Computers Buy From Amazon

Advantages: Wide selection of manufacturers and prices, most software support, most 3rd party app support 

Disadvantages: More prone to viruses

Tech note: I personally recommend getting a Windows computer because they support the most applications (Adobe Creative Cloud, C#, PLTW Kite, etc), have the most manufacturer selections, and widest price range.

Windows Surface


Apple MacBook (Air or Pro) - Click Here for best MacBook pricing direct from Apple
Advantages: Quality parts, ease of use, can run Windows 

Disadvantages: Expensive

Tech note: Apple's would be my second recommendation because they, like Windows computers, have downloaded application support so you will be able to run programs like Adobe Creative Cloud. While Apple's are quality products, there is not much variety so they are more expensive than comparable computers.

 MacBook Air and Pro



Chromebook Computers  Buy from Amazon

Advantages: Extremely inexpensive hardware options, easy browser-based interface 

Disadvantages: Very limited software support (can not install programs like you can on a Mac or PC)

Tech note: Chromebooks will work for all basic classroom use (reports, presentations, etc) but because their apps come from the Google store you will not be able to use them on projects in Art, Video Production, or Computer Science that require downloaded programs (Adobe Creative Cloud, Unity, Eclipse, etc) to be installed on them.  

Acer Chromebook 14




Apple iPad (Pro, Standard, Mini 4) - Click Here for best iPad pricing direct from Apple

Advantages: Compact and lightweight, many device and price options 

Disadvantages: Very limited software support, not a "traditional" keyboard computer

Tech note: Same disadvantages as Chromebooks and they do not have a keyboard. 




Remember that no matter which device you choose, they will be used in a school environment and carried in bookbags. Buy on the cheap and get the accidental damage warranty. 


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