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Choosing A Device

No matter what device you use, it should meet these requirements:

  • Have at least 64 GB of storage available
  • Have an 8 hour battery life
  • Have WiFi connectivity

Apple MacBook (Air or Pro) - Click Here for best MacBook pricing direct from Apple
Advantages: Quality parts, ease of use, can run Windows 

Disadvantages: Expensive

 MacBook Air and Pro


Windows10 Computers Buy From Amazon

Advantages: Wide selection of manufactures and prices, most software support, most 3rd party app support 

Disadvantages: More prone to viruses

Windows Surface

Chromebook Computers  Buy from Amazon

Advantages: Extremely inexpensive hardware options, easy browser-based interface 

Disadvantages: Very limited software support (can not install programs like you can on a Mac or PC)

Acer Chromebook 14


Apple iPad (Pro, Standard, Mini 4) - Click Here for best iPad pricing direct from Apple

Advantages: Compact and lightweight, many device and price options 

Disadvantages: Very limited software support, not a "traditional" keyboard computer



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