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Device FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about your Device

Will all students be required to have a device?

Yes, all students are required to have a device. Click here to see approved devices. 

What kind of device will be required?

Any off-the-shelf currently available model is acceptable. For the iPad, it is recommend that you get the model with the most available storage as iPads cannot be upgraded.

If you have any questions, contact Scott Storm at (260) 483-1102, ext. 214 or email [email protected].

Where should I get it?

While you're welcome to get your device anywhere. For Apple devices, the best "safe" deals can be found at Apple's Certified Refurbished Webstore

How do I get my device ready for school use? 

Click here for the device preparation tutorial. 

What happens when new models come onto the market?

Technology changes constantly. Our intention is to support the current model at the beginning of any academic year for the duration of that student's Concordia experience.

What if I already have an iPad?

As long as the iPad you have is a version currently acceptable for your class, it is absolutely fine to use it.

Will cellular (AT&T/Verizon 3g) iPads be allowed?

Yes but they are not required and cost extra - ensure you want that feature before paying for it..

Are there discounts available on app purchases?

Many of the apps in CLHS self-service are class specific and you do not need to download them unless instructed by the teacher. Here's a list of the apps that are used throughout the school and should always be available on your iPad: Bible, Pages, Keynote, Notability, DropBox. Flashcards, mTouch+, Pearson eText, iBooks, and Socrative Student Clicker. When a student registers his or her iPad, these apps become available.


Any other apps a student wishes to purchase should be done through the App Store at their listed price. 

Will students be restricted from installing their own apps or music?


No. However, if student-installed apps cause issues on the iPad such as lack of available space, those apps might need to be deleted.


What about cases and keyboards?

It is strongly recommended that all students use cases to protect their iPads. Many options are available at local and online stores.

We believe the vast majority of students will be able to do most if not all of their CLHS work without the use of an external keyboard. However, we understand that many will want to acquire one. It is best to purchase the Bluetooth keyboard from Apple. There will be several workstations in our IMC for student use as well.

How do I sign up for an iTunes account and what if I already have an iTunes account?

You can sign up for an iTunes account when you configure your iPad. When you access the App Store the first time it will prompt you to verify payment information. It is recommended that you input your address and phone number but DO NOT associate a credit or debit card with the account. Simply leave that selection at "none."

If you already have an iTunes account, that's great. We encourage that you use it for a more customized experience.

Am I required to have a wireless Internet connection at home?

No, although students who have WiFi at home will have a more connected experience with the iPad. It is our intention to structure assignments and due dates such that students will be able to function using the WiFi at Concordia.

What does the Educational Materials and Technology Fee cover?

The Education and Technology Fee covers the estimated annual costs of student data processing, textbooks, workbooks, lab and classroom materials, technology costs and replacement, and drug testing.

Today, the fee continues to cover these costs plus additional technology costs. The fee now helps support a state-of-the-art wireless data communication network, portable MacBook labs, the student database software, expanded software licensing, and IT support assignments.

Why a student-owned program versus school owned?

Studies have shown that when students have "ownership" of the devices, there is less damage, theft and loss than in "school owned" programs. Unlike other schools where iPads are owned by the school and therefore "locked down," we strongly believe students should have the right to install any app that will enhance their learning style and educational experience. This will allow the iPad to individualize each student's instructional needs as well as allow creativity to explore new learning applications.

Will digital textbooks be available?

Teachers and departments are researching and reviewing all options. Concordia is working with existing publishers as well as new digital publishers to provide the best educational experience for learning.

What about safe web browsing?
Mobicip is an app that will allow you to set internet filters to control what your child has access to on-line. This is a paid app that is not provided nor endorsed by Concordia, however, it comes highly recommended by several parents who are currently using it. You can visit the Mobicip website at Note that Concordia provides firewall filtering on school premises and an app like this would be useful when your child is not at school on the CLHS network.
How can I add the CLHS Calendar App to my iPad or iPhone?

Many parents want to add the Calendar App that we give to the students to their personal iPhone or iPad. While there's no way to push it to your device like we do with students, you can manually do it:

1. Open Safari
2. Enter the address
3. Touch the add bookmark icon
4. Either add it as a bookmark or add it to your Home Screen